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U.S. Ethnic Studies Courses

The U.S. ethnic studies minor at Hartwick offers students an opportunity to enhance their studies and career opportunities within a flexible course framework that is interdisciplinary in nature.

FALL 2008 
104 Race & Ethnicity in American History (HIST)
251 Race & Ethnicity (SOCI)

103 Religious Diversity in America (RELS)
150 Intro to Native American History (HIST)
220 Philosophy & Sociology of Education (EDUC)
250 Immigration Politics & Policy (POSC)
320 Interdisciplinary Curriculum & Instruction (EDUC)
378 American Indian Literature (ENGL)

102 World Art History I: Ancient (ART)
103 World Art History II: 10-17th Century (ART)
104 World Art History III: Modern (ART)
105 International Relations (POSC)
106 World Religions (RELS)
153 Africa (HIST)
222 Buddhism (RELS)
223 Cultural Anthropology (ANTH)
225 History of Brazil (HIST)
239 Islam (RELS)
245 Studying Religion: Vodou/Voodoo (RELS)
250 Resistance & Rebellion (ANTH)
250 Cultures of Ancient Near East (RELS)
251 Native American-US Relations (HIST)
251 Revisiting Roots (HIST)
253 Africa (HIST)
310 Travels to Third World (INTR)
326 Gender & Power in Latin America (HIST)
335 Third World Studies/South Africa (ANTH)
450 Seminar in Hispanic Study (S) (SPAN)