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No more than two courses in the student's major field may count toward the minor. Students in the minor, in consultation with an advisor, can choose from three areas of concentration:

African-American Concentration
Native American Concentration
Comparative Concentration

African-American Concentration:

Four courses selected as follows. 
At least on course dealing with Africa, selected from the following or from an alternative African course approved by the program coordinator:

  • ANTH 237 Peoples and Cultures/South Africa
  • ANTH 237 Peoples and Cultures/West Africa:  Roots of American Culture
  • ANTH 250 Topics in Anthropology/Africa (e.g., South African Culture, History and Ecology; and South Africa and the Media) 
  • ANTH 335 Third World Studies:  Africa
  • ANTH 335 Third World Studies:  African Colonialism
  • MUSI 380 World Music Seminar/Africa
  • POSC 288 African Politics

At least two African-American courses in at least two departments, selected from the following or from alternative courses in English, History, or other departments approved by the program coordinator:

  • ENGL 245 African-American Literature
  • HIST 241 African-American History
  • HIST 242 Women in American History
  • HIST 330 Slavery and Abolition in the United States
  • HIST 337 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 341 Civil Rights Seminar

The fourth course in the African-American Concentration may be in either African or African-American studies.

Native American Concentration:

Four courses, selected as follows:
One course, selected from the following:

  • ANTH 241 Native North American Prehistory
  • HIST 275 American Indian History to 1700

The following course:

  • HIST 276 American Indian History since 1700

Two courses, selected from the following or two alternative Native American courses approved by the program coordinator :

  • RELI 225 Native American Religions 
  • ENGL 378 American Indian Literature
  • HIST 376 Issues in Indian Country Today

Comparative Concentration:

Students select from a range of courses dealing with race and ethnicity through three lenses:  theoretical, international and United States.  The student who elects this option must work closely with the program coordinator. In addition to the Introductory Course and the Capstone Seminar, the student will select four courses with at least two courses from the United States focus.