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  • Hartwick Women's & Gender Studies
  • Hartwick Women's & Gender Studies
  • Hartwick Women's & Gender Studies

Women's & Gender Studies Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor in Women’s & Gender Studies: 18 credits

  • INTR 166: Introduction to Women's Studies (3 credits)
  • INTR 360: Topics Seminar in Women's Studies (1 credit)
    Three topics seminars, for a total of 3 credits, are required
  • Electives (12 credits)

INTR 166: Introduction to Women's Studies (3 credits)
This course introduces students to feminist scholarship and acquaints them with the intellectual, ethical, social, political, historical and cultural forces constructing gender. The class is interdisciplinary and grounded in feminist pedagogy.

INTR 360: Topics Seminar in Women's Studies (1 credit)
This seminar explores a broad range of classical and contemporary feminist theory and contrasts it with existing, normative theoretical paradigms. A feminist framework is used to focus on a specific academic field, e.g., history, literature, labor, science. Emphasis is placed on cultivating self-development through student participation in pedagogical experimentation, project creation and reading choices. Examples of Topics Seminars that have been offered are:

  • INTR 360: Feminist Theory
  • INTR 360: Global Feminisms
  • INTR 360: Queer Theory

Electives: (12 credits)
A minimum of twelve credits to be selected from the following courses and limited to a maximum of three from any one department. Please note that as an interdisciplinary program, Women's and Gender Studies periodically revises its course offerings. In addition to the list of courses below, which comprises those that have been offered since 2000, students should also consult the current semester's courses.

Women's Protest and Resistance (ANTH 250)
Sex and Gender Roles (ANTH 307)

Art & Art History
Women and Art (ART 204)

Economics of Race & Gender (ECON 216/316)

Classical Mythology (ENGL/CLAS 221)
Shakespeare: Page, Stage, and Screen (ENGL 236)
African American Women Dramatists (ENGL 250)
The Warrior and the Poet (ENGL 250)
Women and Fiction (ENGL 255)
Shakespeare II (ENGL 357)
Victorian Literature (ENGL 360)
19th Century New England Women Writers (ENGL 382)
American Ethnic Literature (ENGL 382)
Family in Shakespeare (ENGL 450)
Joyce Carol Oates (ENGL 450)
Oscar Wilde and the Queer Cultures of the 90’s (ENGL 450)
Virginia Woolf (ENGL 450)

History of Europe, 1815-1914 (HIST 212)
Women in American History (HIST 242)
Science and Society Since 1600 (HIST 250)
Dark Satanic Mills: European Labor History – 1700 (HIST 252)
Women in European History (HIST 252)
Gender & Power in Latin America (HIST 253)
Power and Identity (HIST 253)
Western Medicine since 1500 (HIST 283)
Medieval Women and Religion (HIST 352)
Disease and the Social Body (HIST 383)

Interdisciplinary Studies
Weddings, Marriage, and the Family (INTR 250)
CIS: Breastworks: An Interdisciplinary Analysis (INTR 310)
CIS: Issues in Contemporary Photography (INTR 310)
CIS: Music of the African Diaspora (INTR 310)
CIS: Philosophy, Race & Gender (INTR 310)
CIS: The Four Storied Country-Puerto Rico (INTR 310)
CIS: Unruly Women (INTR 310)

Nursing in Wellness III (NURS 233)

Political Science
Women, Men and Politics (POSC 240)
African Politics (POSC 288)
Women, Politics & Development (POSC 322)
Politics Through Literature (POSC 345)
Women and the Law (POSC 350)

Development of Sexual Orientation (PSYC 250)

Children’s Lives (SOCI 155)
Gender & Sexuality (SOCI 208)
Teens and Families (SOCI 211)
Human Rights (SOCI 225)
Women and Social Change (SOCI 240)
Social Movements (SOCI 340)
Third World Studies (SOCI 355)
Labor and Society (SOCI 380)
Community, Social Justice, and Sustainability (SOCI 397)

Latin American Popular Culture (SPAN 319)
20th Century Spanish American Writers (SPAN 333)
Hispanic Film (SPAN 335)
Topics in Gender Studies (SPAN 433)
Topics in Hispanic Caribbean Literatures and Cultures (SPAN 437)
Totalitarianism and Resistance in Latin America (SPAN 450)
Seminar in Hispanic Studies (SPAN 450)

Internship: an internship related to women's studies is recommended as one of the six courses and will be arranged through the Career Services Office.

Directed and independent courses in women's studies may be arranged in consultation with the program's faculty.