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  • Students at The Yager Museum of Art & Culture
  • Students at The Yager Museum of Art & Culture

About The Yager Museum of Art & Culture

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The Yager Museum of Art & Culture is a campus treasure, where students of all ages can explore stories of human creativity and activity. Within our comfortable galleries, students can experience art firsthand, consider various global cultures, and enjoy informal learning at their own pace.

The Museum is a learning lab for students, who research collections, participate in exhibition work, and help us preserve our collections. Our diverse projects enhance the education of students and community members.

The Museum is a place for conversation about contemporary issues and events from the past that still affect our lives.

Many projects feature our collections of fine art and anthropology, as well as historical and archaeological artifacts.

Please consider a membership or donation to the Yager Museum; you will be investing in the future. For more information, please click here.

Sarrah Harris '14

Sarrah Harris '14

One of my friends suggested that I apply for a job in the Yager Museum. I ended up taking a museum studies course and became a museum studies minor.

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