• Hartwick Yager Museum painting by Matteis
  • Hartwick Yager Museum painting by Blakelock
  • Hartwick Yager Museum painting from 1960
  • Hartwick Yager Musem painting by Raphael

Mission Statement

The Yager Museum of Art and Culture's Mission:
The Yager Museum of Art & Culture, a center for exploration of our artistic, archaeological, ethnographical, historical materials and culture heritage, serves as an experiential learning lab that engages students in the museum's efforts in collecting, preserving, researching and interpreting collections according to the highest standards of professional practice.

The Yager Museum of Art & Culture's Vision:
Through engaging exhibitions and programs that capture the imagination of students and the public, the museum facilitates contemplation and discussion of objects and ideas from the past to spark creativity, insight, and inspiration about diverse cultures, including realities from the past and prospects for the future.

The Yager Museum of Art & Culture at Hartwick College began with Willard and Marion Yager's bequestsWillard Yager Photograph © of The Yager Museum of Art & Culture of his collection of American Indian artifacts, art and print material, and of a substantial endowment for supporting the display and study of his collection and for research and education in American Indian studies. Since that time, the Museum has grown to include collections concentrated in archaeology, ethnography and the fine arts.

In keeping with the vision of its founder and with the mission of the College, The Yager Museum of Art & Culture is now an educational institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation and exhibition of art and artifacts. The Museum reflects the academic interests of the College and is committed to presenting them in appropriate campus settings in informative, scholarly and integrative ways. Through these and other means, the Museum plays a major role in educating the students, faculty and staff of the College and local and regional communities as well as a larger audience beyond.

Photo: Willard Yager Photograph © of The Yager Museum of Art & Culture