• Hartwick Yager Museum painting by Blakelock
  • Hartwick Yager Museum painting by Matteis
  • Hartwick Yager Museum painting by Martin
  • Hartwick Yager Museum painting by ElGreco

Hartwick's Art Treasure Room

Seeking to enhance the quality and breadth of education at Hartwick College, President Henry J. Arnold established an Art Treasure Room in 1950. Hartwick's Art Treasure Room provided students the opportunity to study original historic and contemporary art as part of their undergraduate experience. Over the next three decades, significant collections of artwork came to Hartwick College. These works of art were donated to the College in the spirit of generosity with a conviction that understanding fine art is crucial to a liberal arts education.

The Art Treasure Room in the Yager Museum of Art & Culture continues in that spirit and gathers some of the most significant works in our fine arts collection. It is a space for exploration, appreciation, and contemplation of artistic creativity across many centuries and cultures.

The Yager Museum will keep the Art Treasure Room as a permanent exhibit in its van Ess Gallery, the museum's second-largest space, as a place for visitors to absorb, consider, and enjoy selections from our fine arts collection.