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Internships and Courses

An internship provides students with the opportunity for hands-on experience in a professional museum. Placements are designed to meet each student's interest in the museum field. The experience results in a final project, which may include research and/or curation of an exhibition or even the cataloging of an artist's archives. Because the Yager Museum provides multiple opportunities for hands-on involvement (volunteering, work-study, and practica), internships should be taken at a museum other than the Yager Museum. Internships must be approved by the Museums Studies Coordinator.

The following mini-practica are offered every semester (except J Term) and allow the students to obtain experience with the practice of museum work; however, because the student will work closely with a Yager Museum staff member, enrollment is limited and students must complete prerequisites: students wishing to enroll in the practica must have completed MUST 203 and are encouraged to have taken at least MUST 302 or 304. Students also must have formally declared the minor with the Coordinator of Museum Studies. There will be a common meeting time for all practica.

204 Collections Management
(2 credits)
This course introduces the student to the Museum's collections and the management of collections information, accessioning and deaccessioning, cataloguing, conservation needs, and storage. The student works closely with a Museum staff member, who coordinates and supervises the practica and determines a project to be completed by the student--this may include rehousing of objects, data entry, research, or the development of an educational component. Permission required. Prerequisite: MUST 203

205 Exhibit Preparation and Design (2 credits)
This course introduces the student to the art of exhibit preparation and design. Students work closely with a Museum staff member and assist with the design and installation of exhibits either in the Foreman Gallery or in the Yager Museum proper. Students will be encouraged to propose exhibit design ideas for upcoming exhibits including working with graphics, label design, exhibit furniture, and placement. Permission required. Prerequisite: MUST 203

305 Independent Project (2 credits)
For the independent project students are encouraged to discuss with the Museum Coordinator a museum project that they would like to carry out--this may include exhibit development, research, education outreach, marketing, grant writing, and other not-for-profit projects. Students must be able to work independently on the project. Permission required.