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Our Faculty

Think expertise, we've got it. Hartwick's faculty members are specialists in their fields, enthusiastic collaborators, great teachers, and fine scholars.

Think of Thomas Travisano, professor of English, renowned scholar of the 20th century American poet Elizabeth Bishop. Think of Parker Troisch, assistant professor of physics, who works with students to study galaxies more than 200 million light years away as part of the Arecibo Legacy Fast Arecibo L-Band Array program. Think of David Anthony, professor of anthropology, director of the Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies, and researcher of prehistoric archaeology of North America, Europe, and the Eurasian steppes. Hartwick's faculty are exceptional members of a uniquely active learning community dedicated to melding the liberal arts with experiential learning.

Some details:

Hartwick faculty are leaders in their fields, for instance:

  • Associate Professor of Political Science Laurel Elder studies American politics, women and politics, political parties, elections, and public opinion. Her opinions have been quoted for the widely read Web site Politico.com, among other places.

  • Associate Professor of History, Vicki Howard's, work includes research about American business history, women in American history, consumer culture, marriage, weddings, and the family.

  • Professor of Sociology Katherine O'Donnell's work is about women's rights, economic and social justice, social movement in Chiapas, Mexico, and a Mayan women's weaving cooperative is presented in her scholarly work, "Weaving Transnational Solidarity: From the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond."

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy Stefanie Rocknak studies Hume's epistemology and metaphysics, Quine, the philosophy of art and the philosophy of mind. In addition to being a philosopher, Rocknak is a National Association of Women Artists award-winning professional sculptor.

  • Professor of Biology Stanley Sessions' areas of study include developmental and cytogenetic studies in amphibians, with focus on the natural causes of amphibian limb deformities. He is lead researcher for Hartwick's National Science Foundation-funded Amphibian Research Laboratory.

  • Professor of History Peter Wallace focuses on early-modern European history and reformation history. He was named National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow for 2009-2010.

Our faculty have received grants, fellowships, awards and prizes by some of the most prestigious supporters of higher education:

  • American Chemical Society
  • Biographies Project, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • Clark Foundation
  • Dean Graham Foundation
  • Gilder-Lehrman Institue at Harvard University
  • Jerome Foundation
  • Leon Levy Foundation
  • Lynch Foundation
  • Mellon Foundation
  • National Science Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • United States Department of Energy Brookhaven National Laboratory
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