Non-Credit Study Registration

In order to provide special educational experiences for individuals in our community, Hartwick offers the opportunity to enroll in many regular courses on a non-credit basis at a very modest cost, provided there are openings in the courses after the pre-registration period has ended. Non-credit courses are not recorded by the Registrar's Office, and no grades are issued. Such study cannot be applied toward a degree at Hartwick or any other institution.

Not all courses at the college may be taken for non-credit. Classes in studio art, music performance, computer science and off-campus courses are not eligible. All pre-requisites or other restrictions on courses apply to non-credit as well as credit earning enrollments. For each non-credit enrollment, the approval of the instructor teaching the course is required. Registration as a non-credit student entitles you to classroom attendance only. You are not eligible for an ID card or other student privileges.

Charges must be paid at the Student Accounts office before the beginning of classes. Check with the Student Accounts office for a current fee schedule. Persons 62 years of age or older are eligible for a Senior Citizen Fee Waiver and may enroll at no charge.

After you have obtained the necessary approval by the instructor(s) involved and been cleared by the Student Accounts office, you must return the completed non-credit study application to the Registrar's Office.

Copies of the non-credit registration form are found by clicking here.