Registered Degree Programs

Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student's eligibility for financial awards.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Titles and Hegis Codes

Accounting (General) 0502
Anthropology 2202
Art 1002
Art History 1003
Biology 0401
Business Administration 0506
Chemistry 1905
Economics 2204
English 1501
French 1102
Geology 1914
German 1103
History 2205
Mathematics 1701
Music 1005
Philosophy 1509
Religious Studies 1351
Physics 1902
Political Science 2207
Psychology 2001
Religious Studies 1350
Sociology 2208
Social Studies 2201
Spanish 1105
Theatre Arts 1007
Individual Studies 4901
Bachelor of Science Degree Titles and Hegis Codes
Accounting (C.P.A.) 0502
Biochemistry 0414
Business Administration 0506
Computer Science 0701
Chemistry 1905
Environmental Chemistry 1905
Information Science 0702
Medical Technology 1223
Music Education 0832
Nursing 1203
Individual Studies 4901

Teacher Certification
At Hartwick, students interested in becoming teachers complete an education program coupled with a content major or major/minor combination. Hartwick offers education programs in Special Education (dual certification), Childhood (grades 1-6) coupled with more than 20 content majors; Middle Childhood (grades 5-9) and Adolescence (grades 7-12) education coupled with majors in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology (Earth Science), French, German, Spanish. Social Studies certification may be coupled with majors in Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, or Sociology for the Adolescent level (and Psychology for the Middle Childhood level); and K-12 Music Education and Visual Arts. For additional information please refer to the Education Department in this catalog.