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The Liberal Arts in Practice

First Year Seminar Requirement (FYS)
Complete a First Year Seminar (minimum 3 credits, enrollment cap of 20)
 and Wick 101 or Transfer Transitions 101

Writing Competency Requirement
Achieve Writing Level 4 in the Writing Competency Program.

Quantitative/Formal Reasoning Requirement
Complete a course (minimum 3 credits) with a QFR designation that explores or makes significant use of mathematics, formal logical reasoning or computers for analysis of mathematical, social-scientific or scientific data.

Foreign Language Requirement
The requirement is satisfied in one of five ways:

  • Complete an elementary language sequence (minimum 6 credits), or
  • Complete one intermediate language course (minimum 3 credits), or
  • Complete one introductory language course (minimum 3 credits) and the corresponding off-campus program (OCL) (minimum 3 credits), or
  • Complete one introductory language course (minimum 3 credits) and the corresponding on-campus culture course (LNC) (minimum 3 credits), or
  • Complete one off-campus J Term language immersion course (minimum 3 credits)

Courses used to satisfy the Foreign Language Requirement may not be used to satisfy any other general education requirement, with the exception that students may meet the experiential requirement in the Humanities division with an off- campus program of a minimum of 15 days off-campus.

Breadth and Integration (minimum 27 credits)
Complete at least three courses (at least 9 credits) in each of the College's academic divisions: Physical & Life Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities.

Within the 9 credits in Physical & Life Sciences, complete at least 3 credits in chemistry or physics, and at least 3 credits in biology or geology. At least one of these courses must include a weekly lab component.

Within the 9 credits in Social & Behavior Sciences, complete courses in at least two different departments.

Within the 9 credits in both the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Humanities, complete at least 3 credits in either an Integrative Learning Seminar (ILS) or coursework with an Experiential Learning component. Designated Integrative Learning Seminars will be upper-level courses with limited enrollment and active student engagement in course materials and research.

Courses designated as having Experiential Learning (EL) components include internships, off-campus programs of at least 15 days in length; courses with grade-bearing service learning components; courses in Studio Art, Creative Writing, or Music, Theater or Dance Performance; coursework with a weekly laboratory requirement, coursework at Pine Lake that contains a grade-bearing experiential component.

Depth in Discipline Requirement
Complete the requirements for a primary major program or student-designed Individual Student Program (ISP).

Senior Capstone
Complete (minimum 3 credits) a departmentally (or ISP) determined Senior Capstone. In cases in which the requirements for more than one Primary Major Program are completed, the Senior Capstone Requirement may be satisfied by a project mutually agreed upon by the two or more academic programs.

At least two Physical Education classes are also required.

Know the Facts.
200 +The number of students who participate in the Student Scholar Showcase.