LAiP: Frequently Asked Questions

When did the new Liberal Arts in Practice (LAiP) curriculum go into effect?
Fall Term 2008

What are the academic divisions at Hartwick?
Arts and Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences

What are the academic disiplines within each division?
Arts and Humanities: Art and Art History, English, Modern and Classical Langauges, Music, Music Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theare Arts.
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Anthropology, Economics, Education, History, Polictical Science, Psychology, Sociology.
Physical and Life Sciences: Geological and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Computer and Information Science, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Nursing, Physics.

What are the course designations (course types) for LAiP?
FYS = First Year Seminar
EL = Experiential Learning
ILS = Integrative Learning Seminar
QFR = Quantitative/Formal Reasoning
OCL = Off-Campus Language
LNC = Language Culture Course
LAB = Physical & Life Sciences Laboratory

Where do I find these designations?
Designations can be found when you search for courses in WebAdvisor (as Course Types) and on the Course Offering Information Web sites (as course and curriculum course types).

How do I read my degree audit and figure out how to fulfill curricular requirements?
Click here to find out!

What is an Integrative Learning Seminar (ILS)?

Integrative Learning Seminars are characterized by active student engagement in course materials and research, limited enrollments, and an assumed knowledge of basic concepts in the field.

What is an Experiential Learning (EL) course?

Experiential Learning courses include:

  • Internships
  • Off-Campus Programs (minimum of 15 days off campus)
  • Coursework requiring a significant grade-bearing service learning component
  • Coursework in Studio Art; Music, Theatre, or Dance Performance; or Creative Writing
  • Coursework with a weekly laboratory requirement
  • Coursework at Pine Lake that contains a significant grade-bearing experiential component