• Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope for research.
  • A Hartwick professor helping a student during class.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.

Course Offering Information

To view course offerings and descriptions for Fall 2015 and January/Spring 2016, please click here to search using WebAdvisor Search for Sections. Choose a term, add search criteria and click submit!

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS are available in WebAdvisor. When you locate a course, click on the section name title and a new window will open displaying the description and other important offering information, including detailed pre-requisites. When using WebAdvisor to search, do not add too many filters or the search will not work - use as few search criteria as possible (term+department is sometimes all you need!).

As a courtesy to our students, you may also view a generic listing of course offerings using the links below. These links provide you with a simple list of all courses offered but do not list pre-requisites or course descriptions - WebAdvisor must be used to view this information. The complete academic year is available in WebAdvisor.

Seats in many introductory level (100 and 200) courses are reserved for first year students to guarantee access to those courses. Please take this into consideration when building your course schedule.

Online only courses are indicated with an 'OL' in the course types field; hybrid courses (those both on campus and online) are indicated with a 'HYB' in the course types field. Questions about how these courses are conducted should be directed to the instructor.

Key for Using Course Enrollment Pages
PR = Pre-Requisite required - check WebAdvisor to view the pre-requisite
PM = Permission of instructor required - these courses cannot be registered using e-Reg.
CR = # of credits
CRSETYPE = Course type; how course counts towards curricular requirement(s)

How do I register for classes?
During pre-registration and open add/drop periods you can use e-Reg! Click here to learn how. Note that courses requiring permission cannot be registered using e-Reg - these courses must be registered in the Office of the Registrar with the correct form. 

Is there a limit on how many credits I can take?
Yes, students can register for up to 20 credits in fall and spring and 4 in January.  A petition to the Committee on Academic Standards  is required to register above these limits. Also, an over-election fees is applied to each credit registered above these limits. Click here to view a schedule of overload and other course fees.

How do I know if  a course has an additional fee? What if I add a course late?
Courses marked with a dollar sign ($) carry an additional course fee. Adding a course after the add/drop period incurs a late add fee. To view a schedule of these and other fees, click here.

How do I view course descriptions or pre-requisites?
Simple - all of this information is available in WebAdvisor!

What are the academic divisions at Hartwick?
Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences

How do I find courses that satisfy curricular requirements like EL or ILS?
Look for courses with course types (CRSETYPE via the links above) with curricular designations like EL or ILS. Other designations include LAB for courses meeting the Physical & Life Science laboratory requirement, QFR for courses meeting the quantitative and formal reasoning requirement, WL3 for courses meeting the writing level requirement, LN for the language requirement and FYS for first year seminar.

What are the academic disciplines within each division?
Humanities: Art and Art History, English, Modern and Classical Languages, Music, Music Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts.
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Anthropology, Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.
Physical and Life Sciences: Geological and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Computer and Information Science, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Nursing, Physics.

Information about Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum requirements can be found by clicking here.

Please note: In an effort to cut down on paper usage and further ensure the privacy and security of student records, the Registrar's Office is no longer printing paper copies of course schedules for add/drop or registration transactions processed in house. All add/drop and registration changes are viewable in WebAdvisor immediately upon processing. If you need a paper copy of your schedule you may print one out via your WebAdvisor account.