Course Registration Information

January and Spring Term 2016 course registration begins November 2, 2015 at 9 am and closes at 5 pm on November 13. A one week add/drop period will open November 30 at 9am and close on December 4 at 5 pm to allow any additional changes. Following December 4, adding and dropping courses will only be possible during open add/drop periods at the start of January and Spring term.

Your pre-registation date and time will be available for viewing in WebAdvisor on October 6 by 12 pm. Your pre-registration date and time are assigned based on your Anticipated Completion Date (ACD, found on your Degree Audit) and your affiliation with a specific program or major. If you believe your ACD is incorrect and your date and time should be reassigned, please visit the Registrar's Office to file an ACD change request. A listing of Priority Group dates appear at the bottom of this page.

Remember: you need to be cleared by your advisor before you can pre-register. A hold named "RGADV" will appear on your account until you are cleared. Other holds on your account you will also prevent you from pre-registering! Please review your WebAdvisor account prior to your pre-registration date and time to determine if you have any holds prior to registering for courses. If you have a hold, please visit the office or individual listed to resolve the issue. This screen shot shows you exactly where to click in your WebAdvisor account to view holds:

Check your degree audit to determine which courses you will need this Fall.

e-Reg is required for course registration, click here for instructions.

Students may only register for up to 4 credits in January and 20 credits in spring without petitioning. Click here for more information on the overload policy. Registering for an overload incurs a per credit over-election fee. Check with Student Accounts for more details.

Permission required courses cannot be registered electronically. You must file an add/drop  form signed by the instructor with the Office of the Registrar to register for a permission only course. This includes senior thesis/project, Music Performance and Independent/Directed Studies. Registration forms, including Senior Thesis/Project, can be found by clicking here. Additional Registration FAQ's and other important information can be found found by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (607) 431-4460 or

Priority Dates

Nov 2: Three Year Degree Students
Nov 3:
Senior Nursing, Senior Education, Senior/Junior Honors
Nov 4:
Remaining Seniors (ACD of 02/15/16, 05/31/16, 06/30/16)
Nov 5: Junior Nursing, Junior Education
Nov 6: Remaining Juniors (ACD of 09/15/16, 12/31/16, 02/15/17, 05/31/17, 06/30/17)
Nov 9: Sophomore Nursing, Sophomore Education, Sophomore Honors
Nov 10: Remaining Sophomores (ACD of 09/15/17, 12/31/17, 02/15/18, 05/31/18, 06/30/18)
Nov 11: First Year Nursing, First Year Educaiton, First Year Honors
Nov 12: Remaining First Years (ACD of 09/15/18, 12/31/18, 02/15/19, 05/31/19, 06/30/19)
Nov 13: Open Registration Day

Important Notice: In an effort to cut down on paper usage and further ensure the privacy and security of student records, the Registrar's Office is no longer printing paper copies of course schedules for add/drop or registration transactions processed in house. All add/drop and registration changes are viewable in WebAdvisor immediately upon processing. If you need a paper copy of your schedule you may print one out via your WebAdvisor account.