Frequently Asked Questions

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you have a question not found here, please ask one of the implementation team members!

Q. If a student has multiple advisors, does each advisor have to clear the student?
A. No, only one advisor clears the student to pre-register.

Q. Is there any good way to print from WebAdvisor? Every time I print the documents are cut off and I end up cutting and pasting to word to get everything I want in landscape.
A. You can use the File; Page Setup feature of your menu bar. You can change to landscape before choosing Print. It is not necessary to page into Word to print landscape.

Q. Can the Course Schedule Block form be readily accessed by the Students?
A. The course schedule block form is available at:

Q. What about alternate courses? Should a student or advisor consider several alternates?
A. The short answer is YES! There is no reason you or the student cannot discuss alternates as a contingency for closed courses.

Q. What about permission required courses? Closed courses? Courses where the student doesn’t have the required pre-requisite?
A. For now, almost all of these courses will call for the same signature required paperwork. The system won’t let a student pre-register for most permission required courses. The system won’t let a student pre-register for closed courses or courses where they don’t have the required pre-requisite.

Q. How does a student know they pre-registered successfully? My advisee indicated she thought she registered for a section but it didn’t appear on her schedule.
A. Students receive immediate notification if their registration was successful. They also receive a confirmation email. If the student has a hold, does not have the pre-requisites or is attempting to register for a close or permission only course, the regsitration won't process.

Q. What if a student wants to drop a pre-registered section?
A. A student can do so in e-Reg once he or she has been cleared. After clearance, additional approval is not required to add or drop courses.

Q. How do I know if a section is closed? Is permission only? Has pre-requisites?
A. There are two ways to do this. You can look at the home grown Hartwick course schedule web pages. These show PR (pre-requisite) and PM (permission required) information and course cap and active registration information for each section. Information on these pages is updated every 15 minutes. You can also use the search for sections functionality of WebAdvisor. It will show the same information as the home grown web pages, only with much more detail and in real time.

Q. Is this an email driven system? Will my advisee be required to meet with me face to face?
A. This is not an email driven system. Obviously a student tells you via email when they’re ready to meet, but the meeting should be face to face. The goal of implementing e-Regis not to diminish the faculty/advisee relationship but to improve pre-registration by making it more efficient and effective. You should still meet with your advisees; at what point in the process you meet them will be up to you.