e-Reg Common Error Messages

When you attempt to register for courses, you may receive a red error message. Listed below are common error messages and solutions for each. Note that if you receive an error message, you should read it carefully!

  • Please see your advisor to be cleared for online registration.
    • Your advisor has not cleared you to register. Contact your advisor immediately and ask them to clear you to register. Note that clearance only occurs after you and your advisor have met and discussed your courses.
  • Section A conflicts with Section B.
    • You have a time conflict. Pick different sections or obtain permission from both instructors to register for the courses causing the conflict. Permission must be granted using an add/drop form. Both instructors must sign the form indicating they approve the conflict.
  • Section C - Registration in C puts student in overload. Petition is required.
    • Students are only allowed to register for up to 20 credits in fall and spring and 4 in January. Registering for more than that amount requires a petition to the Committee on Academic Standards for an overload. Petition forms are available on this web site. Note that you will have to register for the additional courses using an add/drop form.
  • Section D - Student requires instructors consent to register in D.
    • The section is permission only. Process an add/drop form with the instructor's signature in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Section E - Course E prerequisites have not been started.
    • You have not met the pre-requisites for this section. Verify that you have the pre-requisites by reading the course description in WebAdvisor and checking your degree audit for courses you have completed or are currently registered for. If you would like to register for a course for which you do not have the pre-requisite, you must process an add/drop form with the instructor's signature through the Office of the Registrar.
  • You are not eligible for registration. Hold(s) to be resolved: Office of XYZ
    •  You have a hold on your account. Contact the office listed to resolve the hold.