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Amanda Rose, individual student program

I came to Hartwick in the fall of 2001 as an English major but have since switched to an Individual Student Program entitled "Creative Writing and Illustration." The major is composed of English, psychology, education, and art courses.

During the past two years at Hartwick, I’ve written and illustrated three bilingual children’s books, "The Ice Circus," "The Lost Penguin,” and “Gilldeedink." I’ve nearly completed a fourth, "The Pretend Adventures of Princess Destinee and Fatty McButterpants," and have sketched out the first draft of a fifth book, which will eventually become part of my senior thesis.

The books have all been printed with text in English and Spanish, to be used by children learning either language. The age levels of the books vary from early elementary to early high school readers and include themes of traveling to unfamiliar places, solving problems in the face of adversity, and understanding the values of one’s own traditions. The books can be purchased at Da'vida, the community fair trade center on Main Street, Oneonta.

The proceeds from these books go to Da'vida and are then distributed into scholarship funds for children in third world countries who must pay to attend elementary-level schools. Since this program has begun, the books have put five children through one year of school each.

Besides my writing and illustrating, I’ve been very active in campus activities and clubs. In the past, I’ve been secretary for Student Union, a member of Student’s Alternative Voice and Writing Underground, and a writer/cartoonist for Hilltops, the student newspaper. This year, I am editor-in-chief of the newspaper.