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Dvera Saxton, anthropology major

I initially became aware of globalization issues through participation in the International Club and Campus Greens and by attending Encuentros events during 2001-02. ("Encuentros: Art and Social Justice in Latin America" was the 2001-02 academic and co-curricular theme.)

During my sophomore year, I did research on fair trade for a Spanish class and wrote the first brochure for Da'vida—the community fair trade center—and helped organize the first fair trade consignment sale in the TeleCenter for the holiday season. 

I've completed two summer internships at Made By Hand International Co-operative, a fair trade store in South Bethany, DE, where I helped create the Fair Trade Resource Network Bibliography (www.fairtraderesource.org), a database of books, articles, and resources on fair trade.  At Made by Hand, I also completed demographic research on American consumption habits and interviewed fair trade shop owners about how to run a fair trade business for a future resource guide to be written by Kimberly Grimes, professor of anthropology at the University of Delaware at Georgetown and co-owner/founder of Made By Hand International Co-operative. 

For the last two years, I have been a columnist for Hilltops, the student newspaper. My column "Culture Shock" is aimed at educating the Hartwick community about the global effects of local actions and how local actions could create a better global community.  I also completed an on-campus campaign that brought fair trade coffee to Table Rock Cafe— an on campus eatery. 

I am currently working on a project that will promote the usage of Peters Projection Map at Hartwick College, SUNY-Oneonta, and churches, schools, and other educational institutions in the Oneonta area.  In addition, I am creating a globalization-themed film festival, organizing a sweatshop fashion show with the Women’s Center, International Club, SOSU, PALS and the Fair Trade Club, and helping arrange for speakers from Global Exchange speaking tours to visit campus in the fall and spring. 

I am writing my senior thesis in anthropology on farms in Southern Delaware and their openness to alternatives in agriculture (i.e. fair trade, community supported agriculture, etc). In the future, I plan to study globalization and fair trade in graduate school with the hopes that this higher education will allow me to do something about these global issues in a positive, sustainable, and meaningful way.