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Phillip Barber, philosophy and political science major

This year, I'm running Student Alternative Voice (SAV) with Fred Karp '05, my roommate.  I'm also writing a political-philosophical column for Hilltops, the student newspaper, called "Anthropanacea."

I view SAV and certainly my column in Hilltops as linked to efforts in favor of responsible globalization, if there is such a thing.  In fact, one of the issues SAV will be focusing on this year is the effect on third world farmers of the subsidies that developed countries give their farmers.

One of the key functions of SAV is to liberalize the flow and application of information, something quite constructive in terms of working toward a harmonious world and working against the efforts of multinational corporations to exploit those living in areas remote from western media. 

At home, I've been involved with "Food not Bombs," "50 Years is Enough" (concerning the WTO/WB). and Amnesty International.  In 1999, I attended the Hague Appeal for Peace in the Hague through Amnesty International and the World Federalist Association. 

I am a double philosophy and political science major.