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Film Series

September 20, 7:30 p.m., Anderson Center for the Arts Theatre (two films)
Film: "Lands of Our Ancestors"
Descriptiom: The film depicts the Seneca Nation's struggle for cultural survival, which was threatened by the Army Corps of Engineers' construction of the Kinzua Dam on their land. The dam was dedicated in 1966. This presentation of the Seneca Nation-produced documentary is dedicated to the memory of Michelle Dean Stock, who passed away this year. "Midge" was the director of the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum and "was well known for her artistry in traditional Seneca bead working, basketry and singing." According to Professor of English Bob Bensen, "If you notice a little girl in traditional dress, bouncing on a plank between saw horses outside the longhouse, that's [Midge]."

Film: "Indian Summer"
Description: This 28-minute 1960 film tells the poignant story of an old farmer on New York's Delaware River who was displaced by the construction of the Cannonsville Reservoir. It features of the music of Pete Seeger.