Hartwick's Commitment/Campus Compact

Hartwick College fosters social responsibility through the Office of Civic Engagement, Community Involvement & Volunteerism programs, courses for credit, internships with group- related, individual, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteering both nationally and internationally.

At Hartwick, we stress the importance of good citizenship throughout our entire campus. We advocate a strong sense of social responsibility by promoting civic engagement before and after graduation.

An example of our commitment to civic engagement is the College's decision to join Campus Compact. This organization is a coalition of more than 950 college and university presidents who are all committed to fostering community service in higher education. Community service is promoted as a mechanism to develop students' citizenship skills and promote community partnerships. Campus Compact reports that $4.45 billion in time has been spent by college student volunteerism in a year.

Campus Compact states:

*Why focus on colleges and universities rather than communities? Campuses are the primary constituency and would benefit most from the expertise gathered. Forming partnerships with communities is difficult terrain for colleges and universities to travel. Although many college and university mission statements include public service as a priority, there are a number of obstacles that compete with that mission, such as the emphasis on research, publishing, and numerous disciplinary requirements. Moreover, the cooperative, collaborative model is not native to the institutions. Campuses are more likely to think of themselves as curators of knowledge rather than as students with much to learn from their neighbors. In true partnerships, all participants will teach, learn, exchange resources, and reap mutual benefits."

Through Campus Compact and other curricular programming, we promote the fact that students spend time outside the classroom in association with our community partners, thereby putting their liberal arts experience into practice.

Richard P. Miller, Jr.
College President 2003-2008

*Benchmarks for Campus/Community Partnership 2002

Photo: Hartwick's students participate in service experiences nationally and internationally. Habitat for Humanity's Spring Break Program has allowed students to explore North Carolina.