Civic Engagement Statement

Hartwick College values civic engagement through service learning, teaching, and volunteerism with community partnerships as a practice consistent with fundamental democratic ideals and our liberal arts mission. Our goal as an institution is to affirm and support existing community partner relationships and work to build further partnerships that are focused on the shared mission to transform our society by addressing ongoing social needs within the community. This action is spurred by the institutional commitment to foster a liberal arts environment that:

  • advances the practices and skills necessary for democratic citizenship within a diverse and dynamic community;
  • recognizes the importance of participatory democracy;
  • values diversity in all forms; and,
  • strives to improve and advance the human condition for all people within our community and society.

The College aims to build and reinforce mutually beneficial relationships in collaboration with community partners. These relationships are linked to the mission of each partner institution based on the needs of each partner, and founded on respect for each other. In building community partnerships the College also seeks opportunities for students to:

  • engage in community-based praxis, where deep reflective thinking is followed by action with partner institutions;
  • participate in reciprocal learning and teaching;
  • develop the skills and habits necessary for participatory democracy; and
  • see their work in a larger social context.

Adopted: January 2005