• A Hartwick professor helping a student during class.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope for research.
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.

Civic Engagement with Education Department

Service learning is a required component for every student in Hartwick's Department of Education--those pursuing a career to become a certified educator. Every education student must complete 120 hours (Adolescence Education) or 180 hours (Childhood Education) of service learning in a variety of areas: a traditional teaching environment, a non-traditional teaching environment, and a special-needs environment. This wide exposure allows the Hartwick student to experience a wide spectrum of the learning challenges.

Additionally, a 4-week/120-hour student teacher mini-practicum is required in an urban, international, or socio-economic challenged environment. This exposure broadens, strengthens, and enriches their commitment as future educators who will be faced with a multitude of teaching demands.

The 14-week/420-hour student teacher full-practicum experience in the senior year is the final phase in assuring a commitment to educate the youth of today and allows our students to put what they have learned into practice in the classroom.

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