Value of Civic Engagement

Students who engage in service as part of their Hartwick experience are able to:

Theory into Practice:

  • Puts concepts into concrete form; grounds ideas
  • Provides a context for understanding abstract matter
  • Allows opportunities to test and refine theories
  • Gives opportunities to introduce new theories

 Enhance the Learning Process:

  • Increased retention of learning via meaningful connection to content
  • Students can become the "real" world experts
  • Provides meaningful bases for reports, papers, and assignments
  • Improves both the process and products of learning

Integrate Learning:

  • Presents challenges requiring more than one set of skills or knowledge
  • Provides diverse contexts for linking "real" world with academy
  • Gives opportunities to study in depth (immersion)

 Learn How to Learn:

  • Collect and evaluate data
  • Relate seemingly unrelated matters and ideas
  • Self-directed learning, inquiry, logical thinking, and experience
  • Transfers learning from one context to another