• A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope for research.
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • A Hartwick professor helping a student during class.

Strategies for a Successful Challenge

At the outset, talk to your faculty supervisor about deadlines—dates when you will provide him or her with progress reports orally or in writing or both.

Be sure you are clear about the specific results your faculty supervisor and you expect (for example, a lab report, a paper, problem sets, a presentation). Generally the work involved in an Honors Challenge is approximately 20% more than the normal course workload, and papers are at least 10 pages long. In order to earn credit for a project linked to a course, you must also earn a B+ or better as the final course grade and Honors Challenge grade.

Set an early final deadline with your faculty supervisor (for example, the next-to-the-last- week of the semester) for the project. That way you can avoid the stress of last-minute revisions. The deadline for submitting abstracts of proposals is always the first weekday of the final exam period.