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January Term

J Term is about liberal arts and experiential learning, research and collaborations, professional and academic presentations, deep and advanced study, internships, practicums, and performances.

J Term presents opportunities that most people never get -- to spend concentrated time living and learning like you never have before. Have a different experience in each of your four years. Reconsider what you think; increase who you know. Shift your ideas about who you are, who you want to be.

Some details:

  • You have options -- lots of them. Intense on-campus courses in or outside your major. Domestic travel on and off the mainland. International travel to Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, the African continent, South and Central America. Hartwick has been offering domestic and international academic programs during J Term for 30 years. Every one a faculty-led course, internship, or directed study.
  • J Term is everywhere (well, almost). Every year, more than 200 Hartwick students participate in off-campus courses, taught by Hartwick faculty (which means you get credit and a grade). Nearly every off-campus program is open to new students; a few are First Year Seminars just for freshmen.  All are open to majors and non-majors (exception: Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica), so you’ll be bringing along a good mix of interests and talents.
    • Anthropology 355 - South Africa: Change and Challenges
    • Art History 307 - Art & Architecture of Rome, Florence, and Venice
    • Biology 241/341 - Natural History of Costa Rica
    • Biology 244 - Madagascar: Culture, Conservation, and Natural History
    • Business Administration 350 - Global Marketing in Italy
    • Economics/Political Science 350 - Czech Republic, Hungary, and Moldova
    • History 219 - Imagined Communities in France
    • Geology 275 - Geology and Natural History of Hawaii
    • Nursing 346 - Jamaica: Transcultural Health in Jamaica
    • Psychology 250 - Psychology of Creativity in Hawaii
    • Sociology 338 - Irish Culture and Society
    • Theatre Arts 303 - Theatre in England
  • Scholarships are available to support students who want to go abroad for J Term. You’ll want to consider applying for one of Hartwick’s generous scholarships dedicated solely to study abroad.
    • Duffy Family Ambassador Scholarships support students’ educational travel abroad with awards of up to $5,000. Awards go to students with demonstrated financial need who make a strong case for the value of their proposed program abroad.
    • Emerson Foundation Scholarships offer up to$5,000 for international academic internships or directed study. Both scholarship programs are open to sophomore, junior, or senior students of all majors who are pursuing an experience for academic credit.
    • Learn more about Hartwick's Emerson and Duffy Scholarships.
  • Three other scholarships are available to help defray some costs of an off-campus program: the Florence and George Hutman Scholarship for International Study, the Dobert Family Scholarship, and the Andrew and Betty Anderson Scholarship. Learn more about financial assistance for study abroad.