• Student photography on display during Showcase 2009
  • Student panel discussions during Showcase 2009
  • Students discussing projects during Showcase 2009
  • Student reading during Showcase 2009

Showcase 2014 Steering Committee

Ray Cesnavicus, Media Services ManagerKarl Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics/Co-Chair
Blake Tenore, Assistant Professor of Education/Co-Chair

Alicia Bates, Assistant Director of Campus Activities
Stephanie Brunetta, Associate Director of Communications for Web Services
Valerie Capullo, Media Relations Manager
Kathy Carlson, Administrative Assistant
Ray Cesnavicus, Media Services Manager
Ric Chrislip, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Min Chung, Associate Professor of Mathematics
David Griffing, Associate Professor of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Nichols-Stewart, Associate Director of Communications for Publications
Stephanie Rozene, Assistant Professor of Art
Terry Slade, Sculptor in Residence & Professor of Art
Tammy Sousa, Athletics Department
Rachel Stevenson, Manager of Special Events
Malissa Kano-White, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts