• Student presentation during Showcase 2009
  • Students present work during Showcase 2009
  • Student performance during Showcase 2009
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Showcase 2015 Steering Committee

Karl Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics/Co-Chair
Blake Tenore, Assistant Professor of Education/Co-Chair

Stephanie Brunetta, Associate Director of Communications for Web Services
Kathy Carlson, Administrative Assistant
Ray Cesnavicus, Media Services Manager
Ric Chrislip, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Min Chung, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Pat Dopazo, Collage Advancement
David Griffing, Associate Professor of Geological & Environmental Sciences
David Lubell, Media Relations Manager
Jennifer Nichols-Stewart, Associate Director of Communications for Publications
Stephanie Rozene, Assistant Professor of Art
Terry Slade, Sculptor in Residence & Professor of Art
Tammy Sousa, Athletics Department
Rachel Stevenson, Manager of Special Events
Malissa Kano-White, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts