Table Presentations

A “Table Presentation” is when you sit at or stand by a table (likely placed in a hallway or other open area) with your project materials on display on the table. Project display materials may include a tri-fold poster, a laptop computer, or other objects. You may also combine objects placed on a table and a poster displayed on the wall behind your table. You will discuss your work with those who walk by your table during the time you are assigned to man it (typically a one-hour timeframe). You should be prepared to describe your project in just a few minutes and to answer questions–probably to several people as they walk by your table throughout the session.

If you need an electrical outlet to power a lamp, laptop, microscope, or another safe electrical device you require for an effective presentation, please write that you require electrical outlet(s) in the REQUIREMENTS section of your applications form.

You should plan to have any poster components of your display available all day, but DO NOT leave your computer or other valuable objects on display there when you are not present.