Isaac Newton Arnold & Abraham Lincoln

To learn more about Isaac Newton Arnold and his relationship with Lincoln,  his connection to Hartwick Seminary, and his contributions to ending slavery, select from the series of Windows media audio clips below. The clips are excerpts from an August 2008 radio program with Harry Bradshaw Matthews and Chuck D'Iemperio of WDOS of The Central New York Radio Group, Oneonta, New York.

Clip 1: Who was Isaac Newton Arnold?

Clip 2: Isaac Newton Arnold moves west from Cooperstown, New York

Clip 3: Lincoln and Arnold go to Washington

Clip 4: Lincoln and Arnold work to end slavery

Clip 5: First Anti-Slavery Legislation

Clip 6: Isaac Newton Arnold remembered

To read more about Isaac Newton Arnold, visit his history page within Hartwick's Paul F. Cooper Jr. Archives.