Pluralism Associates League for Students (PALS)

The Pluralism Associates League for Students, PALS, is a student organization with direct connections to U.S. Pluralism Programs, both in terms of programming support and advisement. Associate groups within PALS are:

Society of Sisters United/Brothers United (SOSU/BU), an organization committed to student voluntary service and social programming, is also closely aligned with PALS and the Office of U.S. Pluralism Programs.  These student groups sponsor a variety of events throughout the year. 

Heritage and Leadership Forum
This U.S. Pluralism Programs' experiential class introduces students to the role that heritage plays in influencing one's leadership style. A students may engage in an individualized study in which he/she is assisted with tracing his/her family lineage, while also learning the historical events of the ancestors' time period.

In addition, such student organizations as the Society of Sisters United/Brothers United, PALS, and the International Club provide peer support to students of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as promote cultural diversity throughout the Hartwick community.

Photo: Desiree de Freitas '05, searching for a possible link to Eric de Freitas a delegate to the 1936 National Negro Congress along with Rev. A. Clayton Powell, Jr., Dr. Ralph Bunche, and Mrs. Crystal Bird Fauset.