The Stevens German Sisters

The Hartwick College Library is named in honor of two sisters, Mrs. Orin L. (Helena Pruyn) Stevens and Mrs. Henry (Sarah Pruyn) German, philanthropists and generous donors to Hartwick College. Mrs. Stevens was a fashion consultant for Marshall Fields in Chicago until her retirement in 1952.  Mrs. German was an elementary school teacher. Having both been widowed, they returned to Oneonta, their birthplace and lived with their cousin Miss Lillian A. Slade.  Stevens German Sisters

All three women were descendants of Mr. Sherman Slade upon whose property were found many of the artifacts and relics in the Hartwick College American Indian Collection.  Mrs. Stevens died in January 1991 at the age of 99. Mrs. German married a longtime friend of both sisters, Chandra Kaly, in August 1991.  Mr. Kaly was an actor and director of theater in New York City. The couple died in an automobile accident in 1994.