Art and Art History

Art and Art History Author Title Date
Ahern, Katherine M. The Development of Stone Monuments in Ireland: The Medieval Progression to High Crosses Apr-02
Blumlein, Karen Lucy Lippard and the "Female Sensibility" Apr-92
Boulin, Nancy Whose Corset is it?: Research on the Social History of the Use of the Corset During the Victorian Era and its Control on Gender and Class Distinction   May-02
Brodnicki, Nora Bosch in Hell Jan - 91
Brookes, Edwin   
Louise Blanchard Bethune and Lois Lilley Howe: Two American Women Architects of the Early 20th Century and their Position in the History of American Architecture
Bunney, Elizabeth   The Ins and Outs of a Fine Arts Academy: A Comparison of Four 19th Century Women Artists May-01
Byrne, Elizabeth The Faces of Gertrude Stein: Portraits of a Patron Apr-94
Clark, Amy J. The Pattern and Decoration Movement: Its Impact on the Art Society and the Definition of High Art May-94
Crawford, Nicole Arnd A Look at Dada: the Life of Beatrice Wood Mar-00

Crowley, Nora
Camille Claudel: Artist Mar-95
d'Addario, Katherine Loie Fuller, Yvette Guilbert, and Sarah Bernhardt in the Art Nouveau Poster Jan-91
Dizdarevic, Jasmina Art and Politics: Comtemporary Art from Eastern Central Europe May-99
Feyrer, Stephen The Lost Horse: Leonardo da Vinci's Equestrian Monument of Francesco Sforza May-98
Flanigan, China Duncan Hindu and Buddhist Diagrams in Tantric Art   May-92
Foristall, Missy Religious Aspects of Mother and Child Imagery in Pre-Raphaelite Paintings May-94
Fullerton, Rebecca M.