Interesting Facts

John Christopher Hartwick named Jesus Christ as the beneficiary of his will.
In William Cooper's desire to quickly establish his village in the 1780s, his hastily drawn survey lines encroached John Christopher Hartwick's land by 3,000 acres! In order to cover up for his error, Cooper forced Hartwick to commission him as his land agent, thereby controlling and altering Hartwick's original land surveys.
Hartwick was the first Lutheran seminary in the United States.
Alice Whitbeck (Class of 1881) was the first woman to receive a four-year classical diploma from Hartwick Academy.
In November 1923, a group of Hartwick Seminary students poured molasses and pillow feathers over a fellow student who allegedly had been rude to a female student. The conflict culminated in the Student Strike of 1924.
Dan Sherman and Mabel DeForest, a New York City Vaudeville team, owned Pine Lake from 1910 to 1924. They created a Coney Island atmosphere, advertised it as a "Health Resort," and entertained vaudeville stars from New York City in the large Vaudevillian near the lake.
The citizens of Oneonta clearly demonstrated their support of establishing Hartwick College in their city when they raised $200,000 in just 16 days in the spring of 1927.
With the help of Oneonta publisher and entrepreneur George W. Fairchild, the Bundy International Time Recording Company evolved into IBM. Many familiar Oneontans were early stockholders, including Willard Yager, Charles Smith, John Holmes, and Bernice Saxton--names which appear on buildings around Hartwick's campus.