New Collections in the Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives


Hartwick College Young Democrats Memorabilia, 1964-1965

This collection includes campaign publications, bumper stickers, and pamphlets related to the campaigns of Barry Goldwater and Lyndon B. Johnson for the presidency in 1964, and Robert Kennedy's campaign for the New York State Senate. The collection also includes documentation of some of the activities of the Hartwick College Young Democrats in 1964. The Christoph Family Papers, ca. 1929-1945

The Christoph Family Papers,  1929-1945

This collection consists entirely of documents in German, although it is accompanied by a family history written in English. Documents include letters from a German soldier on the Eastern Front written to his wife during World War II, and a first person account of an 82 year old woman's journey, on foot, from Czechoslovakia to Berlin at the end of World War II. This collection provides extensive documentation of the impact of the calamitous events of the 20th Century on one German family.