Call for Stories from the HART

During Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, alumni, friends, students, faculty, and staff are invited to share their stories and reminiscences about Hartwick College. “Stories from the HART” is an oral history project designed to collect and to preserve those stories. The project provides an opportunity for members of the Hartwick College community to reflect together on continuity and change in our shared history, to document this history and to shape it. We want to hear about the reminiscences, anecdotes, and impressions that capture—in your words—what makes Hartwick "Hartwick".

How can you tell your story?
A booth will be located in Room 415 in the Stevens-German Library during Homecoming & Reunion Weekend. Sign-up sheets will be available at the registration desk, and you will be asked to choose a ten-minute recording session. Sign-up is not required, but it does guarantee a recording time.

Hours that the booth will be staffed will be announced a few weeks before Homecoming.

Where can you see and hear Stories from the HART?
During Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, stories captured during the previous two Homecoming & Reunion Weekends and illustrated with images from the College archives will be shown at two locations in Yager Hall: inside the Yager Museum of Art & Culture and in the foyer outside the Stevens-German Library.

Clips from the Stories from the HART project also are available online at

Questions to consider:

  • Was there a moment at which your studies came alive for you? When a new way of thinking was sparked? When you “woke up?"
  • How do your Hartwick years live separately--how are they set apart--s a rare and defining passage in your life? Conversely, how has Hartwick stayed with you?
  • Hartwick is a place of rare opportunities; can you share a Hartwick opportunity of which you took advantage?
  • What experience, memory, or idea captures--for you--the essence of your Hartwick experience?
  • What impressions, feelings, or thoughts come immediately to mind when you think about your years at Hartwick?

Copyright Release Form:
Because it is the intention of Stories from the HART project members to document the history of the College, and to make this documentation available for future researchers and current members of the Hartwick community, those wishing to make a recording will be asked to sign a copyright release form. Download the copyright release form (pdf document).

Tim Canty '94

Tim Canty '94

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