Archives Rules and Regulations

Hartwick College Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives



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 1. All coats, briefcases, bags and backpacks must be deposited with departmental staff. Researchers are required to complete both sides of this form.

2. No person shall be allowed access to the stack area of the Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives except in the company of a member of the archives staff or by special permission of the college archivist. Records must be used in the reading room. Readers are required to log in on their registration form all manuscript and book materials used.

3. Care must be taken in the examination of all materials. Archival material must not be marked, cut, torn, folded, soiled, disarranged or in any way damaged. Any accidents to records, or discovery that material is out of order, should be reported at once to a member of the archives staff.

4. Pencil must be used. The use of ink is prohibited.

5. Smoking, eating or drinking are not permitted.

6. Researchers may not remove any documents or volume belonging to the archives except by express permission of the archivist. The archives staff does any photocopying of materials and only subject to the archives restrictions.

7. No original materials may be published without the appropriate written permission of the college archivist. In granting permission to publish, the college archives does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish the materials, or to grant permission to others to publish it; nor does the college assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright.

8. Where permission to publish is granted, the applicant agrees to indicate in the published work that the original document is located in the Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives, Stevens-German Library, Hartwick College, Oneonta New York. I have read the rules governing the use of the Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives and agree to abide by them.