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Reference & Instructional Services

The traditional reference desk located directly at the 4th floor entrance to the library is staffed every day to assist you in your quest for good information. Whether you are searching for statistical data, the date of the Spanish-American War, the best article on Toni Morrison's spectacular novel Song of Solomon, or trying to determine the policy solutions for the HIV/Aids epidemic in African nations- this is the place for you. More...

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Librarians are trained in in-depth subject research, information retrieval through electronic resources, appropriate indexes and abstracts and much more. In addition, we teach over 60 instructional sessions per year and meet with numerous seniors to provide individual instruction for senior projects.

These librarians are expert in arranging and delivering web-based resources for research, and also supervise interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan services allow patrons access to the holdings of over 30,000 libraries. Each year we loan and borrow thousands of items to assist students and faculty. Any time you begin a search for information or are considering a particular topic for a paper stop by and discuss resources with the research and instructional services staff.

Research & instructional services librarians offer a special service to juniors and seniors beginning research on their thesis topics. They will prepare a guide for the students to alert them to special collections, bibliographies, and electronic and print resources related to their topics. (See a sample of this guide.) Students are encouraged to call or stop at the reference desk to schedule an appointment at least a week in advance.

The library's Information Literacy Program is also coordinated from within the Research & Instructional Services department. Faculty may schedule classes in the library classroom, the library computer lab, or any networked classroom on campus. Librarians will work with faculty to set goals for the instructional session, following the guidelines set forth in our program description.