Database Access

To access the library's subscription databases from on and off campus you will need to be aware of the following issues:

General Issues

  • Cookies
    Your web browser's cookies will need to be enabled. Many of our database providers use cookies to authenticate you as an authorized user of their product.
    • In Netscape look under Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies. Select 'Enable all Cookies'
    • In Internet Explorer see Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced. See the cookie handling settings for the browser and change them if they are too restrictive.

  • Off Campus Access
    To access our subscription databases from off campus you will be prompted to authenticate yourself as a Hartwick patron first: Use your regular Hartwick user name and password. In addition, our proxy server also uses cookies for authentication. Please see above to adjust your cookie settings if necessary.

  • PDF Articles
    Many full-text articles are available in PDF format that require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the most current (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader from this link.

  • Full Text Access Denied
    Some databases provide links to the full-text of an article which may lead instead to an authentication page that asks for a username and password. In many instances this is caused by the fact that the library does not have a subscription to full text access for the particular journal. Please check the library catalog to verify that we do not carry the journal online or in print. Then request the article through interlibrary loan if needed.
    If you believe the authentication page is showing erroneously, please contact the reference desk

Database Specific Issues

  • JSTOR downloads
    Downloading and printing a full text JSTOR article may take longer than with other database providers. Try retrieving the article when the network is not as heavily used (mornings, night). Contact the reference desk (x4440) if you need further assistance.

  • NetLibrary Off-Campus Access.
    To access the NetLibrary subscription collection from off campus you will need to establish a NetLibrary account from on campus first. On the NetLibrary homepage use the link 'Create a Free Account' on the top right. Fill out the required fields; please make sure that under  Hartwick College".

  • Science Direct
    Please be aware that we only have access to full text journal articles from the fields Biochemistry/Genetics/Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. If you have not selected to search only the subscribed journals you will be prompted for a user name and password when trying to access a non-subscribed journal article. In these cases, search our catalog to see if we have this journal in print or online on other database. If that fails (and it is not available at SUCO) request the article through interlibrary loan.

Update 8/11/04