Locating Videos and DVD's

To find one of the videos or DVD's in our library you have a couple of options: If the name of the video/DVD is known, select 'search by title' or alternately 'search by author' if the name of the director is known. If the title or director are unknown you can search by topic (see below).
For the full alphabetical list of all our videos and DVD's see the link under the related links on the right.

Search by Title

  • In the library catalog select title and type the name of the movie in the search field

Search by Director

  • In the library catalog select author and type the name of the director in the search field

Search by Topic

  • Use a subject or keyword search in the library catalog and then click on the Limit this search button on the top right of the result page. On the new screen select Video under the option Material Type .
    Please note that this search feature works best if you keep your search term relatively broad. If your search term is too specific your search will most likely retrieve no hits. Try various search terms to improve or expand your result list.
    As with all topic searches try to locate the appropriate subject heading first.

Update 4/12/04