This section has been subdivided into two categories with an indication of the kinds of primary resources represented within that subdivision. Time coverage is from the Renaissance to the present. Included are also individual examples from each subcategory that are of particular interest. Check the catolog to find the item's location (Title Search). See also the seperate page for British and Irish history.

General European History

European History by Country

General European History

Late 19th Century and 20th Century European History
Government documents, speeches, document collections; German language materials

1) Twentieth Century Speeches. 2) German Diplomatic Documents, 1871-1914 (4 Vols.). 3) Die grosse Politik der Europäischen Kabinette 1871- 1914; Sammlung der diplomatischen Akten des Auswärtigen Amtes, im Auftrage des Auswärtigen Amtes (in German,  Documents from the Imperial German Foreign Ministry; 40 Vols.). 4) Documentary History of Modern Europe (4 Vols.). 5) Documents and Readings in the History of Europe since 1918 (till 1945).

World War I
Government documents fom various countries on the causes of the war outbreak; personal narratives & memoirs, correspondence and war diaries; German language materials.

1) British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898-1914  (11 Vols.). 2) The Diary of Lord Bertie of Thame, 1914-1918 (2 Vols.). 3) Collected diplomatic Documents relating to the Outbreak of the European War. 4) The First World War (Document collection). 5) Die deutschen Dokumente zum Kriegsausbruch (in German; 4 Vols). 6) War Memoirs of David Lloyd George (6 Vols.). 7) Letters to T.E. Lawrence. 8) The Lansing Papers, 1914-1920 (2 Vols.). 9) My Experiences in the World War, by John J. Pershing (2 Vols.).

Versailles (Paris) Peace Treaty
Letters, Memoirs, Conference papers

1) Paris Peace Conference (6 Vols. available). 2) Letters from the Paris Peace Conference. 3) The German Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference. 4) Hungary at the Paris Peace Conference.

League of Nations and Reparations
Documents, Conference Papers, Diaries.

1) Reparation (by the League of Nations; 6 Vols.). 2) A Journal of Reparations (by Charles Dawes). 3) Das Reparationsproblem (in German, talks and proposals of the German delegation at the Pyrmont and Berlin conferences ; 2 Vols.).

World War II
Various War-Time Conferences (Papers); Resistance (Memoirs); War Crimes - Reports; Soldier and Civilian War-Time Diaries and Memoirs from all participating countries. Various POW Diaries.

1) War Memoirs of Charles de Gaulle (4 Vols.). 2) Speeches of General de Gaulle. 3) Deutsche Hörer! 55 Radiosendungen nach Deutschland, von Thomas Mann (transcripts of radio broadcasts to Germany from England by the German author, in German). 4) Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943 (diplomatic papers). 5) The Conference of Berlin: The Potsdam Conference, 1945 (diplomatic papers; 2 Vols.). 6) Documents concerning German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939 / Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Parliament by command of His Majesty. 7) Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression (Office of United States Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality; Documents of the Nuremberg War Crime Trials, 1946-1949; 8 Vols.). 8) The Churchill War Papers (2 Vols.). 9) The Rommel Papers. 10) Diary from the Years of Occupation 1939-44 (in Poland). 11) Records and Documents of the Holy See relating to the Second World War.

Diaries, personal narratives and eyewitness accounts, interviews; various trial documents and reports. See also 'Holocaust' under 'Asia' and 'Israel & Jewish History'.

1) The Holocaust. Selected Documents’. [Oversize.] (18 Vols.). 2) Voices of the Holocaust (2 Vols.). 3) The Stroop Report: the Jewish quarter of Warsaw is no more! (pers. narrative from the German original). 4) The Death Camp Triblinka. A Documentary (eyewitness accounts and trial excerpts). 5) The Buchenwald Report (report from the Intelligence Team of the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Forces). 6) Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz (by Rudolf Höss) 7) Forever in the shadow of Hitler?: original documents of the Historikerstreit, the controversy concerning the singularity of the Holocaust.

Folk-tale collections

Individual European Countries

Austria & the Austrian-Hungarian Empire
Memoirs, correspondence, government documents. Various single items for all time periods - no concentration.

Czechoslovakia & Czech Republic

Munich Crisis and Aftermath 1938
Interviews, Memoirs, Radio Transcripts, Diplomatic Papers.

1) From Prague after Munich (Kennan, G.) 2) Memoirs of Dr. Benes. From Munich to New War and New Victory. 3) Crisis: A Report from the Columbia Broadcasting System (selections of radio transcripts from CBS broadcasts of the Czechoslovakian crisis, September 1938).

Prague Spring & Soviet Invasion 1968
Pre-Invasion Statements, National Security Archives Documents, Memoirs.

1) Czechoslovakia's Blueprint for "Freedom". 2) Winter in Prague. Documents on Czechoslovakian Communism in Crisis. 3) The Prague Spring 1938. A National Security Archive documents reader.

Velvet Revolution 1989
Speeches, correspondence.

1) Open Letters (Vaclav Havel).

[Note: Some primary source materials are in the original French]

French Revolution
Various document collection readers, eyewitness accounts, court proceedings, letters, memoirs

1) French Revolution Documents.  2) English Witness to the French Revolution. 3) La Société des Jacobins: Recueil de Documents pour L'Histoire du Club des Jacobins de Paris (6 Vols.). 4) Last Letters. Prisons and Prisoners of the French Revolution. 5) A Guide to the General Cahiers of 1789, with the Texts of Unedited Cahiers. 6) Les Clubes Contre-Révolutionnaires: Cercles, Comités, Sociétés, Salons, Réunions, Cafés, Restaurants et Librairies. 7) Les Tribunaux Civils de Paris pendant la Révolution (1791-1800): Documents inédits recueillis avant
l'incendie du Palais de justice de 1871 par Casenave.

Correspondence, Memoirs.

1) Napoleon’s Last Will and Testament [Oversize]. 2) Napoleon Speaks (correpondence, decrees). 3) Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte (4 Vols.)

19th Century France
General document collections. De Tocqueville correspondence, memoirs.

1) Journal of the Waterloo Campaign.2) The Correspondence of Prince Talleyrand and King Louis XVIII during the Congress of Vienna. 3) The Communards of Paris, 1871. 4) Memoirs of M. Thiers, 1870-1873 (English translation)

Dreyfus Affair
Memoirs, Affair document collection

1) The Dreyfus Case, by the man Alfred Dreyfus and his son Pierre Dreyfus (English translation).

20th Century France
Diaries and memoirs.

1) Prison Journal, 1940-1945 (Edouard Daladier). 2) Diary of Pierre Laval. 3) French Student Revolt. The Leaders Speak (1/2 of book relevant documents).

Regional Collections
French language primary source collections for Brittany, Normandy and the ‘Provence’.

[Note: Some primary source materials are in the original German]

German Reich
Official documents on foreign relations (German language materials), 1871-1914. Bismarck memoirs and correspondence. Memoirs of other government officials.

1) Dream of Empire. The World of Germany in Original Photographs 1840-1914. (Oversize). 2) Krupp, a Great Business Man Seen Through his Letters. 3) The Origins of the War of 1870, New Documents from the German Archives (1926) 4) The Holstein Papers (4 Vols.). 5) Memoirs of Prince von Bülow (3 Vols.).

Weimar Republic
General document collections for Weimar; memoirs of statesmen.

1) Gustav Streseman. His Diaries, Letters, and Papers (3 Vols.). 2) Walther Rathenau, Industrialist, Banker, Intellectual, and Politician: Notes and Diaries, 1907-1922. 3) The Making of New Germany (memoirs of Philipp Scheidemann; 2 Vols.).

National Socialism and World War II
Materials related to Hitler (speeches, interviews, correspondence, and general document collections). Memoirs of Nazi Officials; Memoirs of individual German soldiers; Resistance collections; Oral histories.

1) Reichtag Fire Trial. 2) Hitler's Letters and Notes. 3) Speeches and Proclamations, 1932-1945 (Hitler; 3 Vols.) 4) Goebbels Diaries (various editions covering different time periods, in English). 5) Bounden Duty: The Memoirs of a German Officer, 1932-45. 6) Frauen. German Women Recall the Third Reich (oral histories). 7) Dying We Live; the Final Messages and Records of the Resistance. 8) Nazi Ideology before 1933: A Documentation. 8) Die Weisse Rose und ihre Flugblätter: Dokumente, Texte, Lebensbilder, Erläuterungen (various documents and pamphlets on th resistance group 'Weisse Rose', in German and English).

Federal Republic & Democratic Republic
Memoirs of political leaders, oral histories.

1) Documents on the Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Central Europe. 2) Uniting Germany: Documents and Debates, 1944-1993. 3) The Germans - Public Opinion Polls (2 Vols., 1947-1980). 4) Memoirs, 1945-1953 (Konrad Adenauer). 5) We Were the People: Voices from East Germany's Revolutionary Autumn of 1989.

Local History
Early modern German language chronicles for select German cities.


Early Modern – Renaissance
Diaries, eyewitness accounts.

1) A Florentine Diary from 1450 to 1516. 2) The Sack of Rome (Luigi Guicciardini, eyewitness account). 3) Chronicles of the City of Perugia 1492-1503.

State Formation & Nationhood
Memoirs and personal accounts from the leaders of the independence struggle.

1) Autobiography of Giuseppe Garibaldi (3 Vols.). 2) The Diary of One of Garibaldi's Thousand. 3) Selected Writings (of Giuseppe Mazzini)

Memoirs, journals and correspondence. In particular for Mussolini and the Italian Foreign Minister Ciano.

1) The Ciano Diaries, 1939-1943: The Complete, Unabridged Diaries. 2) Memoirs, 1942-43: With Documents Relating to the Period (Benito Mussolini). 3) My Autobiography (Benito Mussolini; "With specially authorized additions by arrangement and approval of Il Duce, bringing it up to the year 1939" (1939)).

General anthologies of primary resources {5}.

Eastern Europe

Revolutions of 1989 &1990
Eyewitness accounts, speeches.

1) The Magic Lantern: The Revolution of  '89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague. 2) Without Force or Lies: Voices from the Revolution of Central Europe in 1989-90: Essays, Speeches, and Eyewitness Accounts.

Russia & the Soviet Union
Extensive primary source collection. Numerous general anthologies with selected texts from (and representing) different time periods. [Note: Some limited primary source materials are in the original Russian]. See also WWII for additional Russian primary resources (mainly personal narratives). See also 'China' for documents on the Sino-Soviet dispute.

Travel & Exploration in Imperial Russia
Travel narratives, personal accounts.

1) Description of Moscow and Muscovy, 1557 (Freiherr Sigmund von  Herberstein; abridgement of Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii, based on the modern German translation). 2) The Travels of Olearius in Seventeenth-Century Russia. 3) Russia under Western Eyes, 1517-1825 (personal accounts). 4) John Ledyard's Journey through Russia and Siberia, 1787-1788: The Journal and Selected Letters.

Imperial Russia
Government documents, correspondence, memoirs, images.

1) To Siberia and Russian America: Three Centuries of Russian Eastward Expansion (3 Vols.). 2) Plans for Political Reform in Imperial Russia, 1730-1905. 3) Russia in the East, 1876-1880: The Russo-Turkish War and the Kuldja Crisis, as seen through the Letters of A.G. Jomini to N. K. Giers. 4) Historical Memoirs of the Emperor Alexander I. and the Court of Russia (Madame la Comtesse de  Choiseul-Gouffier). 5) Letters from France and Italy, 1847-1851 (Alexander Herzen).6) Images of Revolution: Graphic Art from 1905 Russia (political caricatues and cartoons). 7) The memoirs of Count Witte.

Russian Revolution 1917
Eyewitness accounts, personal narratives, correspondence, political documents.

1) The Complete Wartime Correspondence of Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra: April 1914-March 1917. 2) The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution. 3) The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1918: Documents and Materials. 4) Inside the Russian Revolution (eyewitness accounts). 5) The Russian Provisional Government, 1917: Documents (on the February Revolution and aftermath. 3 Vols.).

Soviet Union & Gulag
Memoirs of various political leaders, diaries, Gulag narratives, general document collections.

1) Stalin’s Letters to Molotov. 2) Documents of Soviet History (covers 1917-1931; 5 Vols.). 3) Collected Works (V.I. Lenin; includes personal papers, correspondence - authorized edition by the Soviets; 45 Vols.). 3) The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archive (1996). 4) Report of Court Proceedings in the Case of the Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre, Heard before the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the U. S. S. R., Moscow, January 23-30, 1937 and Report of Court Proceedings in the Case of the Anti-Soviet "Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites": Heard before the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, March 2-13, 1938. 5) Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s. 6) Till My Tale Is Told: Women's Memoirs of the Gulag. 7) Mission to Moscow. A record of confidential dispatches to the State Department, official and personal correspondence, current diary and journal entries, including notes and comment up to October, 1941 (Joseph E. Davies, United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1936-1938). 8) For Victory in Peaceful Competition With Capitalism (Nikita S. Khrushchev, speeches and statements). 9) Khrushchev Remembers (memoirs, 1970) and Khrushchev Remembers: The Glasnost Tapes (new additions, 1990).

Dissent in the Soviet Union
Interviews, personal narratives, political letters.

1) Uncensored Russia: Protest and Dissent in the Soviet Union; the Unofficial Moscow Journal, a Chronicle of Current Events. 2) Dear Comrade; Pavel Litvinov and the Voices of Soviet Citizens in Dissent (political letters and telegrams to Pavel Litvinov). 3) Samizdat: Voices of the Soviet Opposition.

Perestrioka and the August 1991 Coup
Interviews, eyewitness accounts, diary.

1) Voices of Glasnost: Interviews with Gorbachev's Reformers. 2) Russia at the Barricades: Eyewitness Accounts of the August 1991 Coup. 3) The Intimate Diary of a Russian Woman: My Search for Meaning in the Midst of My Country's Upheaval.


Communist Poland
Memoirs, interviews, speeches, correspondence.

1) The Memories of a Polish Revolutionary and Soldier (Joseph Pilsudski, memoirs). 2) "Them": Stalin's Polish Puppets (interviews with party officials). 3) Letters from Prison and other Essays (by Adam Michnik).

Few sources with no concentration.{5}

Spain & Portugal

Spanish Civil War
Larger primary resource collection: Eyewitness accounts, personal narratives & memoirs, photodocumentary, correspondence (in particular from American volunteers to the Spanish Civil War).

1) Moment of War: A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War (by Laurie Lee). 2) Volunteer in Spain. 3) Death in the Making (photodocumentary by Robert Capa; in Oversize). 4) African Americans in the Spanish Civil War (1/2 is compiled of personal narratives). 5) Madrid 1937: Letters of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the Spanish Civil War. 6) A City in War: American Views on Barcelona and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. 7) Homage to Catalonia (personal narrative by George Orwell).

Portuguese Revolution
Interviews, political statements.

1) Revolution at the Grassroots: Community Organizations in the Portuguese Revolution (1/2 compiled of relevant documents in the English translation). 2) Portugal's Revolution: Ten Years on (2/3 compiled of interviews and other select documents).

Balkan Peninsula
General document compilations {2}

Three general anthologies with primary resources for Bulgarian History. They are all in Cyrillic. Two of these items are multi-volume sets.

Serbia & Yugoslavia
Various {3}

1) The Soviet-Yugoslav Dispute. Text of the Published Correspondence.

Ottoman Empire & Turkey

19th Century Ottoman Empire
1) British Documents on Ottoman Armenians [1856-1895] (4 Vols.).

Former Yugoslav Republics

Bosnian Conflict
Personal narratives and memoirs; eyewitness accounts; photo documentary.

1) A Witness to Genocide. 2) To End a War (personal narrative by Richard Holbrooke). 3) Sarajevo (photodocumentary).