Great Britain and Ireland

This section is subdivided into Great Britain and Ireland. The first section includes additional subdivisions by time period and examples that are of particular interest. Check the catolog to find the location of individual titles.


Great Britain

Tudor Period
Items on religion (Catholicism, Church of England), court life,  pamphlets & tracts on various topics, letters

Elizabethan Period
Items on domestic life, court life, foreign affairs, history of women, travel narratives,  chronicles,  letters, diaries

1) Lisle Letters (Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle, imprisoned in 1540? for  religious crimes by Thomas Cromwell;  6.vols. of letters to  his household and wife) 2) Women in England 1275-1525:documentary sources 3)The regulations and establishment of the household of Henry Algernon Percy, the fifth earl of Northumberland, 1512 4) Diary of Henry Machyn, citizen and merchant taylor of London, 1550-63; author is a furnisher of funerals 5) Elizabeth I Collected Works including correspondence 6)The Elizabethan Home Discovered in Two Dialogues  7) Witchcraft in Europe: A Documentary History 1100-1700

Stuart Period
Items on foreign policy, royalty (private and public lives), cultural and social concerns, relationship w/ Ireland,

Civil War/Commonwealth
Histories, speeches, tracts, journals, letters re: social, political & religious concerns

Relationship w/ Netherlands, writings of noblewomen, political tracts, correspondence

1) King James and letters of homoerotic desire  2) Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys 2) Ireland in the Stuart papers  correspondence and documents  re: Ireland and James, Prince of Wales 3) Love letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple 1652-54 4) Puritan Revolution: a documentary history 6) Tracts on liberty in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-1647 7) Memoirs of Anne, Lady Halkett and Ann, Lady Fanshawe

Georgian England
Foreign policy, domestic politics (through statesmen’s papers, satirical pamphlets, letters, etc.)

1) Correspondence of Horace Walpole  2) Correspondence of George III  3) Radical Squibs and Loyal Ripostes; satirical pamphlets of the regency period  4) Correspondence of George, Prince of Wales, 1770-1812  5) Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu   6) Records of the British Colonial Office (microfilm, covering colonial america: westward expansion, 1700-1783 (12 reels), Board of Trade,1660-1782 (6 reels), French and Indian War, 1754-1763 (8 reels)

Victorian England
Domestic politics,  state of the monarchy, foreign policy, social forces,  agricultural reform, voting reform, questions of empire

1) News from the Past, 1805-1887 an autobiography of the 19th century 2) Thomas Babinton Macaulay’s Speeches and Poems with the Report on the Indian penal code 3)Reminiscences and recollections of Captain Gronow, being anecdotes of the camp, court, clubs & society, 1810-1860 4) Regina vs. Palmerston: the correspondence between Queen Victoria and her Foreign and Prime Minister, 1837-1865 5) Gladstone Diaries 6) Rt. Hon. John Bright, MP: cartoons from the collection of “Mr. Punch” 7) My diaries, being a personal narrative of events, 1888-1914 by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt 8) Discretions by Francess, Countess of Warwick

War Years
Domestic & Foreign Policy. Diaries.

1) Inside Asquith's Cabinet: from the diaries of Charles Hobhouse 2) Political Diaries of C.P. Scott, 1911-1928 3) War diaries: politics and war in the Mediterranean (Harold Macmillan) 4) The fringes of power: 10 Downing street diaries, 1939-1955 (John Colville)

Cold War through Thatcher
Diaries and memoirs.

1) The diaries of a Cabinet minister (Richard Crossman) 2) The Downing Street years (Thatcher) 3) A personal record: the Labour Government, 1964-1970

Emancipation, conflicts with England, Northern Ireland. General anthologies, government documents, correspondence, diaries.

Examples: 1) Croker papers, 1808-1857 regarding the "Irish Question" 2) Irish historical documents, 1172-1922 3) Irish historical documents since 1800 4) Bigotry and Blood: documents on the Ulster troubles 5) Roger Casement's Diaries: 1910: the black & the white 6) The letters of P.H. Pearse