Senior Thesis Advisement

We offer a special service to juniors and seniors beginning research on their thesis topics. We will prepare a guide for students to alert them to special collections, bibliographies, and electronic and print resources related to their topics. (See below for a sample of this guide.)

Interested students need to stop at the reference desk and fill out a simple form detailing their topic and their research interests. You may also fill out the form in advance using the form in the related links column. Please note that we can only accept topics that have been approved by the student's advisor. Upon completion of the form we will schedule an appointment to discuss our findings with the student.


Sample Guide

Topic: The relationship of political systems to economic development, especially focusing on how a democratic system affects economic development


Sources: Hartwick Catalog & WorldCat on FirstSearch (for materials available nationally through Interlibrary Loan)

Subject Headings:

Comparative Economics
Capitalism—political aspects
Democracy—economic aspects
Socialism—economic aspects
Authoritarianism—economic aspects
Economic policy—political aspects
*Country—economic policy
Economic policy—cross-cultural studies

Journal Articles

ProQuest Direct (search Global ABI/INFORM, PA Research II--Peer Reviewed; 1997-current*)

Economic theory and government
Economic development and government
Economic growth and government
Economic policy and government
Economic development and politics
Economic growth and democracy
Economic growth and socialism
Economic growth and capitalism
Economic development and democracy
Economic development and capitalism
Economic development and socialism

**Can add geographic areas (or countries) to any search, for example:

Economic growth and government and asia

*As you are viewing the search results screen for all searches, you can use the "Submit against the backfile" option to re-do the search in the pre-1996 article database.

FirstSearch: WilBusAbs:

Politics and economics and *country or geographic area
*Country and economic conditions
Democracy and economic aspects
Democracy and politics and economics
Democracy and economic development
Socialism and economic aspects
Socialism and politics and economics
Authoritarianism and economic


Comparative economic systems and growth
Comparative analysis and economic systems and growth
Economic growth and open economies
Democracy and economic growth
Capitalist economic systems and politics

Can add "and *country or geographic area" to these searches


Economics and political aspects
Economy and politics
Democracy and economic aspects
Democracy and economics
Comparative economics
*Country and economic policy
Capitalism and economics
Authoritarianism and economics

Web Resources:

International Monetary Fund

Finance & Development (World Bank & IMF online journal)

National Bureau of Economic Research

World Bank

OECD (Washington)


LC Country Studies

Statistical Publications:

Handbook of International Economic Statistics Ref. HA155 .H36 1997
International Historical Statistics Ref. HA175 .M56
International Financial Statistics Ref. HG 61 .I57
World Development Report HC 59.7 W659
World Development Indicators HC 59.15 W656
World Economic and Social Survey HC 59 .A169

*For newspaper articles (including foreign) and business magazines, see Lexis-Nexis or Dow Jones