Instructional Services

              The library is not only a place of research but also a place of learning and teaching. We provide instruction on the effective use of the library's resources for individuals at the reference desk, and we teach classes by appointment. The reference department offers a variety of instructions to support the college curricula. We are eager to plan instructional sessions tailored to the needs of students in particular classes. Instructional sessions are more successful at point-of-need, when students have an assignment due that requires them to use the library.

             The library now also offers several on-line resources. These include an on-line tour of the library, a library tutorial and a series of guides to locating resources in the Stevens-German Library called Libguides. Links to all of these resources are available on the library home page. The library tour is a brief introduction to where materials and services are located in the library. The library tutorial has six modules, including information on types of information sources, strategies for developing a research topic, using the library catalog, finding articles, using the World Wide Web and citing sources. The library staff can develop LibGuides for a particular field or area of study (for example, Art and Art History Research at the Stevens-German Library, or Theater Arts, Education Research or Nursing Research, Psychology Research,. etc. ) a particular class, or a particular assignment. We have also developed guides designed to help students in particular aspects of research, such as Using WorldCat, Interlibrary Loan, Finding Book Reviews, Finding Articles, Evaluating Web Sites, etc.

             In order to ensure that we effectively utilize your class time, please schedule your classes at least a week in advance to faciliate appropriate planning and session design tailored to the needs of your students. Asking students to complete one or more modules of the tutorial before they attend a library class can help us to devote more class time to hands on activities for students. If you would like us to create a LibGuide for you, please provide us with either a syllabus or an assignment several weeks in advance of any due date for research projects assigned.

To schedule a class or request other services, please call or email Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton.

Please see also information on the credit bearing Research and Technology Class.

To learn more about our Information Literacy Program please click here.