Interlibrary Loan

When the needed book or periodical article is not available at the Stevens-German Library or the Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta, we can borrow the materials from other libraries.

Who can use this service?
The Stevens-German Library will borrow materials for any Hartwick student, faculty or employee. However, community borrowers must use their public library.

What can be borrowed?
Books, journal articles, government documents, newspapers and some audio-visual materials. Certain types of materials such as reference books, rare books, videos, just published titles and dissertations may not be available.

How do I request materials?
Logon on to ILLiad with your Hartwick network username and password and then select the appropriate request forms in the left frame. First time users of ILLiad will need to add their personal information on the page following successful login. Please complete the forms as fully as possible.

To avoid delays please check the library catalog before ordering: Use a title search to locate the book or the journal that has the needed article and verify that we do not own the item.

Note that students have a limit of 15 active loan requests. Once one or more items are returned a new request can be submitted. There is no limit on article requests.

When will the material arrive?
That depends on which library is supplying the material. The average turn-around time is 3-4 days. This means some items may be here the next day while others may take up to 3 weeks. Please be patient and plan ahead.

Please note that the loan period is usually for one month and not for the whole semester. In some cases it is possible to renew an item, but check with the interlibrary loan department first to see if the book has been recalled (in those cases we might be able to get the item from another library). Articles will be either available for download from your ILLiad account or sent to your mailbox - they are for you to keep.

Avoid late fee charges!!!

What is the cost?
In most cases this service is free of charge. Please note that some libraries charge a lending fee. We will make every effort to obtain materials free of charge, but we are not always successful especially when the requested item is not widely held. In these cases we will return the request electronically and you then have the option to resubmit the request stating your willingness to pay.

How will I be notified?
You will receive an email notification that your requested item has arrived. If the request is for an article, the item will be available for download from your ILLiad account for 90 days. If the request is for a loan (book, video, score, etc), the item will be available for pick-up at the interlibrary loan office. If the office is closed check with the reference or circulation desk to let you in. Please return your loan to this area by the due date indicated on the inserted slip.

Why was my request cancelled?
The most frequent reason is that the item is already available either here or at SUCO. Please see the notes included in the email cancellation on why the request was denied.

Update 4/14/10