Technical Services

The Technical Services Department is divided into three units: Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Serials. Obviously, Acquisitions processes all orders for books, videos, journals, musical CDs, cassettes, and scores. In total about 6,000 items are identified and ordered from a variety of booksellers and other vendors each year.

Once the items are received the catalogers prepare the records that you search in the online catalog. They describe each item and select appropriate subject headings that accurately indicate the contents of the item. The record is then entered into the catalog and is also entered into vast online bibliographic utilities- catalogs accessible by thousands of libraries- in order to make it available for interlibrary loan.

The Serials department is in charge of thousands of periodicals and newspapers that the library receives each year. These items, whether in electronic or paper formats, must also be described for entry into the catalog and must also be checked in daily to be certain that no items are lost or that subscriptions have lapsed.

If you have questions about ordering new books, journals, videos- when they are to be received this is the place to inquire. The department uses web based order forms that you can find on the right under 'Related Links'.

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