Collection Development Policy

Stevens-German Library
Hartwick College

I. Principles

  A. The mission of the Stevens-German Library
          1. The Stevens-German Library, an environment for teaching and learning, integrates multimedia access to the record of knowledge and creativity with the experience of research to ensure academic success, rewarding engagement with the Hartwick community, discerning and effective participation in public discourse, and enduring enjoyment of life.
  B. The Stevens-German Library seeks to align its collection with the curriculum of Hartwick College, and to respond to variations among the disciplines in their rate of usage of library resources, their format preferences, and the costs of materials that pertain to them.
  C. In conducting acquisitions and managing its collection, the Stevens-German Library seeks to comply with the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and the Statement on Principles and Standards of Acquisitions Practice of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services.

II. Definitions

  A. Monographs are materials that are produced and identified individually, typically obtained as discrete acquisitions.
  B. Periodicals are materials that are produced and identified serially, typically obtained through subscription.
  C. Aggregations are collections of periodicals or monographs obtained by a single subscription or purchase, from which articles and texts can be retrieved through a comprehensive search process.

III. Criteria for prioritizing acquisition, in order of priority

  A. Supplementation of coursework, as identified by the faculty
  B. Supplementation of coursework, as identified by librarians
  C. Support for research, as identified by the faculty
  D. Supplementation of coursework and support for extracurricular purposes, as identified by students
  E. Support for other aspects of the library's mission, as identified by librarians

IV. Acceptable sources for obtaining direct or corroborating recommendations for acquisition

  A. Peer-reviewed and professionally edited academic publications
  B. Standard bibliographies produced by scholarly associations and learned societies
  C. Professionally edited popular publications of good repute
  D. Demonstration of utility by students or faculty members

V. Access considerations, within budgetary constraints

  A. Prefer content that is accessible and usable by means widely in use by the library's clientele.
  B. Prefer content that is retrievable by the library's customary methods of making the collection accessible.
  C. Prefer formats that offer remote and constant access, except when other formats are preferred for either pedagogical purposes or ease of use.

VI. Special considerations regarding periodicals, within budgetary constraints

  A. When a desired item is available either individually or as part of an aggregation, determine which option provides the most value.
  B. Accept a delay in the availability of content if the need for currency is not acute.

VI. Deselection

From time to time, items within the collection may be reassessed and, after due consideration and consultation, removed.

Collection Development Committee
Stevens-German Library
Fall 2014