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  • Africa West (or North, Northeast, East, Southern, Central); Africa West '+' (see the first example)
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  • Apartheid

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  • African Art
  • Genocide Rwanda
  • Sahara


[For North Africa see also same entry at Middle East Resources]
- Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara (4 Vols.). REF DT 351 .E53 1997.
- Africa South of the Sahara 2001. REF DT 351 .A37 2001.
- Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: Archaeology, History, Languages, Cultures, and Environments. REF DT 2 .E53 1997.
- The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa. REF DT 3 .C35 1981.
- Encyclopedia of World Cultures (10 Vols.). See Vol.9  'Africa and the Middle East'. REF GN 550 .E53 1991.
- Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience. DT 14 .A37435 1999.
- Microsoft Encarta Africana (2 CD-Rom's). (REF DT 14 .M527 1999 or see the Reference Desk).

- Historical Dictionary of Civil Wars in Africa. REF DT 21.5 .A76 1999
- The Peoples of Africa: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary. REF GN 645 .O47 1996
- Political Leaders in Black Africa: A Biographical Dictionary of the Major Politicians since Independence. (Stacks) DT 352.8
   .W57 1991.
- Historical Dictionary of (specific African Country) (in the regular stacks, check catalog).



- Africa (PROQUEST 1996 - )
- Africa Report (Print 1985 - 1995, PROQUEST 1992 - 1995)
- Africa Today (PROQUEST 1988 - 1995, 1999 - )
- African Affairs (Print 1985 - 1996, PROQUEST 1996 - )
- African Studies (Print 1989 - )
- Journal of African History (Print 1960 - ;V.25 1984 missing)
- Journal of Modern African Studies (Print 1990 - ;Vol. 33.2 1995 missing)
- Journal of Southern African Studies (PROQUEST 1997 - )
- Transition (JSTOR 1961 - 1994)
- West Africa (Print: check catalog for limited holdings)



African Studies Department, Stanford University.
One of the best metasites available. Provides a multitude of links in over 20 sub-categories. Numerous country specific resources. Well designed and frequently revised.

Norwegian Council for Africa.
An excellent metasite from this Norwegian non-for-profit organization that attempts to raise the public awareness of Africa. Organized by country and subject areas. Includes searching capabilities.

African Studies Department, University of Pennsylvania.
Another excellent metasite from an African Studies department; greater focus on the African diaspora than Africa per se.

MSU Global Access Africa .
From Michigan State University this metasite has over 5,000 annotated links, and features country specific pages, maps, international news headlines, and topics such as culture, commerce, human rights, health and more for each country.

Website from the Institute for Economic Advancement at the University of Arkansas--Little Rock that provides access to several African Studies databases. The Africa Women's Bibliographic Database offers more than 35,000 citations 1986 to present while the Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database lists more than 55,000 articles drawn from 485 journals 19th century to date. The final database is a full-text version of Davis Bullwinkle's Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa 1963-1999: A Comprehensive English Language Bibliography.


Political Resources on the Net
Political information on individual countries in Africa. Links to country government sites as well as local political parties, political organizations and media sources.

Gateway to development information from the Institute of  Development Studies, Sussex (UK). By individual country.

Africa Action
Links and information on various policy issues pertaining to Africa and US relations with Africa. Africa Action is a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa. Africa Action emerged from the American Committee on Africa, The Africa Fund, and the Africa Policy Information Center.


All Africa.
(Previously called 'Africa News Online'). Though this site is based in the US, it is a major source for the dissemination of news from African newspapers throughout the world. Provides links to 40 African newspapers, 25 with URL's. Very comprehensive site. Regional collections are also given, for example for West Africa.

Daily Mail & Guardian .
Web site of the major South African newspaper Daily Mail & Guardian. Emphasis on South Africa.

BBC Africa section.
Current information on events and developments in Africa. The BBC also provides radio broadcasting in five African languages through its worldservice.

New York Times Africa section.
The Africa section of the New York Times is similar to the BBC site. Provides current events and background coverage on specific topics. 


African Universities Online.
Organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sub-Saharan Africa Project based in Washington,DC. Links to African university homepages.

Association of African Universities.
Homepage of the AAU, an international non-governmental organization based in Ghana. Numerous documents, links to newsletters and university web sites.

African Virtual University.
The African Virtual University is a project sponsored by the World Bank in cooperation with selected US and European universities to promote information technologies in the class room. There are currently over 23 participating African universities.


Africa Research Central.
A clearinghouse of African primary sources. An excellent guide to the holdings of archives, research libraries and special collections in Africa. Provides also general information on the archival system in Africa.

Guide to African Materials in US Archives.
Provides information on African materials held in American Archives. Listing by materials of a given African country. Additional resources such as bibliographies and other guides are also provided from the site homepage.

African History Documents
Selection of full-text primary sources from the World History Archives site. Texts are fairly contemporary. Organized by region and history sub-discipline


Ethnologue .
Information on the African languages in individual African countries. From the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Dallas.

Endangered and Extinct Languages.
A comprehensive list with detailed information on endangered and extinct languages in Africa. Compiled by two German Africanists.

African Writing Systems.
Graphical information on selected African writing systems. Posted at Cornell University.

Swahili Dictionary.
A Dictionary for Swahili, the most widespread African language in East Africa. Swahili-English and English-Swahili. Posted at Yale University.

Comprehensive information on the Bemba language spoken in Zambia. Includes an audio section on Bemba conversation and information on Zambia. Posted at Emory University.


Fourth World Documentation Center.
Web site of the Fourth World Documentation Center. Documents on selected smaller ethnic groups throughout Africa. Anthropological Focus.

African Women.
Comprehensive list of links on women and gender in Africa from the Stanford metasite.

People Resources
Brief descriptions of 107 ethnic groups and societies in Africa covering art, history, economy, political systems and religion. Posted at the University of Iowa.


African Forest.
Information and maps on the state of African forests. Logging, mining and general development also covered.


The National Museum of African Art website. Links on current exhibitions and permanent collections. Many graphics.

African Art and Architecture.
Contemporary and traditional art and architecture from Burkina Faso and Mali. Comprehensive site with links to recent art from Mali.

Contemporary African Art.
A French site that includes English texts on contemporary art from Africa.

Akan Art.
Information and graphics on the traditional arts of the Akan in Ghana.

Ouagadougou Film Festival.
Official website from Africa's biggest and most renown film and television festival (FESPACO). Provides a wealth of information on contemporary African cinema and the African Film Library in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

African Cinema .
A selected bibliography and videography of African cinema. Posted at Berkeley (where the listed titles are held). 


Numerous maps of Africa from the Perry Castaneda Map Collection. Posted at the University of Texas (Austin). For the continent and for individual countries. (Careful, these are large files).

Travel Health.
Provides information on health problems in given countries and precautions to take when traveling there. Listing by country.

Currency Converter .
A useful tool for all travelers. Converts a currency into any other given currency. Most African currencies are included.

Images & Sounds
A selection of images and sounds from the site Africa Focus hosted at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries. Organized and searchable by collection, subject or country.

African Flags.
The flags of all African countries.

Publishers and Book Dealers.
Two long lists for those in need of books on and from Africa. From the Stanford metasite.

African Internet Connectivity.
Information on the current status of Internet connectivity in Africa by country. Numerous links, tables and maps.

Internet Initiatives.
A metasite from Columbia U that provides numerous links to current initiatives that promote the Internet in Africa.


Africa Update.
Quarterly newsletter of the African Studies Department, Central Connecticut State University. Since 1993.

African Studies Quarterly.
A peer reviewed e-journal for Africa Studies. It has a well known editorial board and has been published online since 1997.

Africa Recovery Online.
The latest issue of this UN publication with links to the back issues. Focus on development issues. Since 1997. 

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