Anthropology and Archaeology
Website from the Institute for Economic Advancement at the University of Arkansa--Little Rock that provides access to several African Studies databases. The Africa Women's Bibliographic Database offers more thatn 19,000 citations 1986 to present while the Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database lists more than 26,000 articles drawn from 200 journals 19th century to date. The final database is a full-text version of David Bullwinkle's Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa 1963-1999: A Comprehensive English Language Bibliography.

Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
By Kevin L. Callahan, University of Minnesota Dept. of Anthropology. An interdisciplinary investigation of Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec civilizations. Segments cover writing systems, governments, and religion. Features a bibliography and an excellent list of links to other online Mesoamerican resources (a few links are dead, but see Clive Ruggles' image collection below).

Anthropological Index Online
Online access to the Anthropological Index published by the Royal Anthropological Institute. Includes full indexing for v. 22 (1984) through v. 32 (1994), but some indexing is available for earlier and later years. Searching by word, subject heading, author, title and journal abbreviation is possible.

Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History
Includes the full-text of the Anthropological Papers from 1907 through current published by the American Museum of Natural History. Keyword search or browse by author, title or year of publication.

Anthropology and American Indian Sites on the Internet
Provided by the University of Arizona Library, this well-designed site offers links to fields such as cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. In addition, this site references institutes, labs, associations, societies, directories, and museums.

Produced by Thomas Plunkett and Jonathan Lizee, ArchNet serves as the "World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology." Indexed by geographic region and subject, this site is content-rich and well-designed. Offered in numerous languages, including Italian and Spanish.

Clive Ruggles' Image Collection
An archive of 1100 images "of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest" worldwide. There are two ways to find images: search the site name or photo description, or choose from hierarchical menus of geographical locations. Ruggles is a senior lecturer at the University of Leicester's School of Archaeological Studies.

Directory of languages of the world. More than 6,700 living languages are described with information on population, dialects, immigrant languages, bilingualism, ecological setting and availability of dictionaries.

Ethnographic Studies Resources
An excellent metasite from the Library of Congress for Anthropology, Ethnomusicology and Folklife. Numerous sub-categories. Also provides links to 20 scholarly societies and organizations.

National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives
From the Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian, the web site includes numerous guides to the archives and information on current exhibits.

Public Anthropology
The site contains e-journals, a book series, a collection of writings and statements by distinguished anthropologists, a photo gallery, as well as an ongoing Anthropology Journal Archive Project. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to provide summaries and critiques to the Project.

Society for American Archaeology
The organization's homepage, with information about education, government affairs, and conferences in regards to archaeology. Offers membership information as well.
Information on the field of Visual Anthropology with links to relevant literature, film and book reviews, biographies of filmmakers and conferences.

World Food Habits Bibliography
Extensive bibliography of print sources arranged by topic and region. By Robert Dirks, Anthropology, Illinois State University.


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