Art and Architecture

American Museum of Photography
Collection of photographs, illustrating the history of photography. Includes exhibitions, links to other resources, and explanations of photographic processes.

Archives of American Art
Huge collection primary resources on American art.  Microfilm of many of these documents can be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Art & Architecture Thesaurus
On-line version of the controlled vocabulary designed by the Getty Institute to describe objects, textural materials, images, architecture and material culture from antiquity to the present.

Art Institute of Chicago
Information about both the museum (collections, exhibitions, publications, etc.) and its associated art school (resources, degree requirements, faculty, etc.).

Searchable database of artists with links to digital image collections of the artists' works, museums that house the artists' works, and on the Internet.

Arts Journal: The Daily Digest of Arts & Cultural Journalism
Daily digest of some of the best online arts and cultural journalism. Stories from over 180 English-language newspapers, magazines, and publications featuring writing about arts and culture are posted.

Annotated index to art resources online. Includes links to publications, museum and institutional sites, visual resources, etc.

Large image database covering the areas of art, architecture, the humanities and social sciences. Advanced search tools are available as well as browsing by collection, classification or geography. Click on the box titled 'Enter the ARTstor digial library' on top right to start.

Digital Archive of American Architecture
Site constructed by a professor at Boston College as a supplement to his architecture courses.  Includes around 900 digitized images of American architecture that can be viewed by date, style, purpose, and location.
Search engine for image files. Indexes millions of images on the web.

First Nations Art
An Introduction to Contemporary Native Artists in Canada is a project of faculty and students in the Department of Art History at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. The goal of the project was to create an introductory guide to significant contemporary First Nations visual artists largely working from 1960 forward. Site includes a brief introduction that establishes the project's historical and philosophical context. The entries on the individual artists include a brief biography, list of recent exhibitions, and selected bibliography.

Getty Provenance Index
The Provenance Index Databases--the Sale Catalogues and Sale Contents, consist of information about British sale catalogues from 1801 to 1825, including a general description of each sale (2,812 sales are included), a list of where copies of the catalogues are available and how they are annotated, and descriptions of the paintings. Sale Contents can be searched by artist's name, title, seller, price, buyer, etc.

Hartwick Art Department's List of Art History Resources
Annotated list of art history resources on the Internet compiled by Fiona DeJardin, art professor at Hartwick College. List arranged by subject/category.

Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation, and Archaeology
Thematic guide to Internet resources, including links to electronic journals, indexes and databases (including the National Register of Historic Places, Merimee, and others), full text documents, and many other resources.

Inventory of American Painting and Sculpture
Database of over 300,000 descriptions of paintings and sculptures by American artists. Searchable by creator, title, subject, and other access points. Good source for identifying and locating a painting or sculpture. Maintained by the National Museum of American Art.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Information about the museum and its collections.

Louvre Museum Official Website

Search the museum's collections, includes images and detailed images.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Information about the collections and current exhibitions. Allows ordering from museum shop.

National Museum of American Art
The usual exhibition, staff, calendar information, plus links to NMAA's collection of online research tools.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
Includes an online tour with the museum's founder, an extensive table of contents, links to high-quality illustrations of artworks plus essays about selected artists. In addition, the site allows the viewer access to resources in the museum's impressive library and research center including special collections, reference materials, and bibliographies.

Perseus Project
Large digital library of resources on the ancient world. Includes text, images, bibliographies, etc.

Prints and Photographs Online Catalog at the Library of Congress
This online catalog provides documentation for about one million images from the Library of Congress’ collection of photographs (or two-thirds of this collection). Search by keyword or by author, title, or subject. A list of major collections on the search page allows browsing. Includes information about each of the 54 collections along with the number of photographs presently available.

Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
Site listing the over one million research resources held by the Smithsonian Institution's libraries, archives, and associated research units. The SIRIS gateway features six large combined catalogs: Libraries, Archives & Manuscripts, Art Inventories, Juley Photographic Collection, Research Bibliographies, and Smithsonian Chronology. Includes the Archives of American Art catalog.

An encyclopedia of toons (a toon a cartoon or cartoon character — "cartoon" referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such "still cartoons" as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc. )

Vatican Museums
Information on the holdings of the Vatican museums as well as selected images from the collections (see for example Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam').

Web Gallery of Art
Over 8,000 digital reporductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1750. Browse or search by artist.

World Wide Web Virtual Library Museums Page
Excellent source for locating museums and online exhibitions.

Update  5/10/10