American Journal of Human Genetics
Full-text, searchable edition of this journal available through the University of Chicago. Does not include the full-text of the most recent year.

Ready-reference site covering every recognized species of amphibian in the world. Includes species descriptions, conservation status, literature references, photos, and range maps.

Animal Info
Information on rare, threatened and endangered mammals wordwide. Search by species, species group or country. Includes bibliographies and links to additional resources.

Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
BDGP and Celera Genomics project that sequences and annotates the euchromatic genome of Drosophila melanogaster. Results of the annotation are stored in GadFly, the FlyBase Genome Annotation Database of Drosophila. Database and chromosome arm sequence can be queried by gene name, cytological region, molecular function, or protein domain. The annotated genome can also be browsed graphically with the Java display tool GeneScene.

BIODIDAC--Digital Resources for teaching biology
Image archives for zoology, botany, and histology provided by the University of Ottawa. Images include diagrams, photos and annotated diagrams. In French and English.

Practical botanical information from the Center for Biological Informatics (part of the US Geological Survey). Organized into ten broader subject areas listed on the left.

Bibliographic database that contains more than 1.3 million citations and abstracts from over 4,000 different sources including biomedical journals, proceedings, books, reports, and doctoral theses. Produced by the National Cancer Institute's International Cancer Information Center. 1963 to the present.

Computational Molecular Biology at NIH
Multi-reference site providing access to databases, analytical tools, lab protocols, etc., in molecular biology.

Annotated list of biology resources arranged by field of study. Provided by California State University.

Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Searchable database of links to entomology resources organized by subject. Provided and updated by scholars at Colorado State University and Iowa State University.

An exhaustive database on species of fish world-wide from the WorldFish Center working in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in order to "reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and agriculture".

HIV InSite
Clearinghouse of AIDS related information for practitioners, patients, and others interested in the topic. Includes daily news stories from various sources, a large AIDS textbook, and many current AIDS-related statistics. Provided by the University of California (San Francisco) and San Francisco General Hospital.

Human Genome Project Guide
Information on the Human Genome Project, plus specific sequences for each human chromosome and genome maps of other organisms.

Jackson Laboratory WWW Server
Server providing access to the Mouse Genome Database and the Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome. Provided and maintained by the Jackson Lab.

Laboratory Survival Manual
Guidelines developed by the University of Virginia's Office of Environmental Health and Safety for safely working with chemicals and other materials in the laboratory.

Molecules to Go
Searchable access to the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank. Users can find, view, and manipulate molecular structure data using viewer programs such as RasMol, Mage and Raster3d. Site provides access to viewer software as well.

National Oceanographic Data Center
Homepage for the NODC offering access to data that includes coastal water temperatures and wind velocity and salinity.

Web site created by the Association of Biodiversity Information. Focused on the distribution and conservation status of plants and animals in the US and Canada, the site contains information on some 50,000 plants and animal species. Entries for each organism provide common name, scientific name, taxonomic hierarchy, distribution within the US and Canada with distribution maps, conservation status, life history and habitat information, and significant references. The data may be searched by common or scientific name, taxonomic grouping, conservation status, ecological community, location by state or province, or combinations of these elements.

NCBI Entrez Browser
Collection of records from Medline (relating to genetics), the NCBI protein database, and the NCBI nucleotide database integrated into one database. Includes 3-D views of structures.

NLM Gateway
Index to medical, biochemical and biological literature. Includes access to Medline, Healthstar, AIDSLINE, HISTLINE, SDILINE (biomedical database)and others. Available through the National Library of Medicine's homepage.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Online, full-text version of McKusick's Mendelian Inheritance in Man, an encyclopedia relating to human genetics. Developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Contains links to the Entrez database described above.

Information on horticultural plants based on agricultural extension fact sheets including images. From Ohio State.

Plants National Database
Database of common and scientific names of plants developed and maintained by the National Plant Data Center (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture). Includes economic and growth characteristics of each plant as well as links to other sites of interest.

Project Bio
Resources for biology educators, including online biology courses and curriculum materials. Developed by Iowa State University with community college, high school, and industry collaboration.

Rainforest Information Portal
Information and links on the world's rainforests, from the Rainforest Action Network.

Science Careers
Network of science job listings from Science Magazine.

Tree of Life
Browsable and searchable tree of phylogenetic categories. Expresses relationships between organisms and links users to relevant information on the Internet.

United States Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Program
List of endangered species by state and type of animal. Includes a list of foreign endangered species as well as a copy of the Endangered Species Act.

United Nations Atlas of the Oceans
"An internet portal providing information relevant to the sustainable development of the oceans", includes information about ocean biology and ecology, issues like food security,  sustainability, human health, and global climate change.  Also includes information use of the world's oceans, including fishing, aquaculture, tourism, transportation, mining, energy, biotechnology, dumping and waste disposal and more, and ocean geography.

University of Buffalo Biology Resource Guide
This biology resource guide from the Science and Engineering Library at the University of Buffalo was created by biology librarian and Hartwick graduate Fred Stoss. The site offers links to biology reference sources, societies and associations, museums and science centers, and electronic journals. Click on the 'Guides' tab to access.

Update 11/27/12